4 08 2006

I now know that I love routines. I miss a routine that I didn’t even know that I had created. Did you know that was possible? Well I am living proof Internet.

For the past month or so, my routine consisted of getting ready for work, stopping by Rura’s house to pick him up, drop him off at school, drop off The Boy at my grandma’s (when I had him) and then going to work. After work, it was picking up The Boy, and stopping by Rura’s before going to hell home. It worked for me, especially on the days when I didn’t have The Boy with me and I could get some good lovey time in.

 This week that all changed. My routine was blown out of the water by two unstoppable forces. Kindergarten and soccer season.

And today we pile on the fact that Rura started working again. His schedule is weekends and after school. Weekends and after school.  That is OUR time. But I can’t complain. I can’t. I have to be the grown up here. It’s good for him to work. It IS. Don’t try and talk me out of that ok?

Oh my gosh. I kind of freaked a bit right now because The Boy is finishing up his first week of real school. Like in 30 minutes he will have officially been a kindergartener for 1 week. My baby Boy…. is…. grown. What do with myself now? Have another one? I think I’ll wait a while for THAT. This one is enough. I swear, I fall in love with that kid every day for another new reason. Monday he brought home a coloring page just scribbled all over. I asked him why he scribbled all over and he just kinda shrugged. Yesterday, he brought home another page with the picture colored. In the lines. For the first time. I pointed it out to him and he said “Mrs. Russell said I shouldn’t scribble scrabble on my pictures.” My heart melted a little. “Mrs. Russell said…” ::sigh::

Soccer season is another story. I have been at the field for 3 days out of the 5 in the work week. Each day I didn’t get home until after 8:00. Going straight from work. I ask for the punishment though because I am on the board this year. So I ask for all the parents to stomp on me and ask repetitive questions, over, and over, and over, and over. Pretty soon, it will be 4 days a week which includes all day Saturday. This all cuts so heavily into lovey time that I dont even want to think about it.

So my new routine. Get ready for work, take The Boy to his other grandma’s who will take him across the street to school, go to work. After work, depending on the day, I will stop by and pick up Rura, which gives us like 5-10 minutes of lovey, and we both go to the soccer field where I don’t see him for the rest of the evening. Now, on the nights we don’t have to go to the field, he will probably be working. And he already banned my obsessive ass from stopping by his store to see him. If he can handle not seeing me, I can too. I can. Really. No, really.

Well, I can try anyways.

Needless to say, I don’t like this routine very much. And its only been a week.

Oh and BTW, only 6 more days until I leave for Seattle.




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21 08 2007
Rura and Miss

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