TMI Tuesday!

8 08 2006

It’s that day of the week again! Go Play!

1. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay? Well we have plenty of romance and foreplay most days… so I am going with experimentation. We are both “up for pretty much anything” type of people so I guess it just comes down to who can think of the freakiest thing and ask for it.
2. How often do you have “make up sex” after an arguement? We aren’t really big on arguing but when we do, we have serious make up sex and its pretty damn good. It’s rare that we argue so badly over the phone that we NEED make up sex.
3. Have you ever been “caught” masturbating? No. We are both open about that with each other so we dont have to sneak around. In the past, no.
4. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked? At this time in my life, I am a 10. We are talking about in the privacy of our homes right? If not, I would say a 4. At home, I have no problem. [By “home” I always mean anywhere I am with Rura.] He makes me feel so comfortable and confident that I have no problem being naked with him.
5. The three words that best describe your most recent partner in bed are ____, ____, and ____. Sexy, a stallion, and satisfying.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever called out the wrong name in bed? Uh hell no. That would be so fucked up!

Now, Did you play??




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