Back to Cali…

18 08 2006

Home at last.

The trip was…. amazing. I want to write all about my trip but right now, I am trying to catch up on 4 days of missed work. So maybe later tonight or sometime tomorrow I’ll be able to write about it.

For now, just know that it was a great trip and I wish that it didn’t end as soon as it did. At least concerning the time I got to spend with my aunt.

I did miss my Rura to death though and kissing him when I got back was nothing short of amazing and god how I didn’t realize just how badly I missed him until I kissed him. (Yea it rhymes.)




One response

21 08 2006

Babe i miss your stinky butt 🙂 and you know it! damit …………
yes this is rura her 1 and only. and she knows it!

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