First Thanksgiving

24 11 2006

We had our first Thanksgiving together. If this is a sign of things to come, maybe I should turn and run!!

I kid….

Besides the fact that his family ate without us, it was a great day. We layed around all day doing nothing, got ready, and drove to his parents. Aparently, they couldn’t wait for us and ate while we were on our way. Kinda sucks, I wanted to share that time with them but there is always Christmas.  After me and Rura ate, we were on our way to my BFF’s house and he popped the question….

“Do you want to go meet my family?”

Yikes. Totally freaked the hell out of me. But I said yes of course! After hearing so much about them, I couldn’t wait to meet them. They are really cool. His cousin’s son is so Fucking CUTE! I fell in love with him from his pictures and he is even cuter in person, which is so hard to believe! But his family is really cute. They even put me in their name drawing for Christmas. I pulled his cousin, so I got an easy one 😉 I feel bad for whoever pulled me and doesn’t know me LOL. But they were really cool about it.

After we left his aunt’s house, we went to my friends and hung out there. Guess who showed up? My ex’s cousin. Yikes. It was cool. He was really cool about it. He told me that he didnt understand why I didn’t leave him sooner. So yea.

I did miss spending the holdiay without The Boy. It was our first holiday apart. But I know that he was having a good time with his cousin’s so I didn’t worry about him at all. So far, he has not seemed bothered by this whole situation. He kind of understands that he is staying with Mom and Dad seperately, but thats about it.  I haven’t been with him since Tuesday night, so I miss him. His dad wants to meet tonight to talk about what we are going to do from here. This morning he is still begging me to come home, then this afternoon he just didn’t mention it but said he wanted to talk about my son and who will be having him and when. It was a total 360 and I really don’t trust it. I have to tread lightly right now I guess. And document everything.

Tonight I am staying at my BFF’s house, when I eventually get there. She wants to play Friends Scene It and I hope not to whoop her too badly. Rura and I are champions at Disney Scene It but he has never watched Friends before, so he wont be much help to me. Before I met my BFF, I had never met anyone who loved Friends as much as I do. We are soul mates too LOL.

I have serious TGIF today because having yesterday off just totally threw me out of it. So I hope anyone reading had a great Thanksgiving and will have a wonderful weekend!



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