Easy silence…

21 02 2007

It’s already the 21th? Yikes. How is this year already flying by?  The older I get, the faster time goes. It seems that when I was younger, the time just dragged. Now, I will be turning 25 in less than a month and will soon be a mother to a 6 year old!! (Go ahead, do the math)

Damn, The Boy is going to be 6. WTH happened there? We had a Disneyland weekend, hitting Disneyland on Saturday and California Adventure on Sunday. I only have one word to describe the weekend – CROWDED. At one point, walking in SERIOUS people gridlock between the Matterhorn and the area that will soon be this, this nasty little bitch thought it wise to express to the CROWD of people that we were all stupid for just STANDING around WAITING to be able to walk. She thought it would be smart to try and push her way through the crown. Uh, Idontthinkso. You know how you can see people trying to get around you from the corner of your eye? Well my body moved in her direction everytime she tried to squeeze by me. Someone else took my cue and did the same thing. She was getting so pissed. It brought a little bit of joy to a normal Southern California traffic incident.

We really did have a great weekend. Rura is so patient with me when I start to get frustrated and doesn’t mind chasing around The Boy on a constant basis. (If he DOES mind, he doesn’t let me know and for that, I love him more) We both totally got OFF riding this because it was just plain kick ass and awesome.

As for our Flickr 365, it had to temporarily be dropped because my camera was missing for a day and a half. I have this serious problems with cameras. Last year, I LOST two digital cameras. I have no idea what happened to either. It pisses me off big time. I got a new camera for Christmas from my mom and I love it. I am doing my best to keep track of it and imagine how pissed I was at myself for misplacing it. But its been found and I’m sure I have enough pics of both of us from the weekend to satisfy my 365.

I have been rocking a certain non-PC CD lately. Rura got it for me and added the songs to my ipod too. I am in love with track 2, “Easy Silence”. It reminds me of Rura…
I come to find a refuge in the
Easy silence that you make for me
It’s okay when there’s nothing more to say to me
And the peaceful quiet you create for me
And the way you keep the world at bay for me…

He always takes care of my crazy mind when things catch up to me and he always reminds me to just breathe, rest, and let it happen as it will. Plus he gives KILLER foot massages. That always helps.

Other than all of that, all is well. Small issue going on with my BFF’s life but we will work through it. I may even touch on it later but as of right now, I’m not so sure.

Anyways, here you go: Flick photo of the day: Check this out. Flickr ♥

Funny kid…

12 02 2007

Last night, the three of us were laying in bed. I thought that The Boy was already asleep and me and Rura were just laying there talking and laughing. All of a sudden, we heard out of the darkness, “STOP NOW MOM! It’s time to be quiet because I’m trying to sleep now!!” We both got real quiet and all you could hear in that room was the two of us, holding our breath, trying really really hard not too laugh. You know that laugh that escapes out of your lips when you are pressing them together really hard? Yea exactly that. It ended up with him hitting me with his spongebob pillow because I could not stop laughing.

Rura and I joined one of the 365 groups on Flickr. If you want the link, let me know. I wanted to do one with The Boy’s pictures but I figured that since I dont have him every day, it would defeat the purpose.

Flickr photo of the day: Check this out. Flickr ♥


11 02 2007

I hate Hotmail. Its a totally crappy free email. They shut you down after 30 days of non activity. Did anyone else know that? I reactivated my account but every email I had that might not have been read is gone. Adios, see ya later, Ciao. Ok so I never really get email there. But I do sometimes. And thats what is important to me. They deleted all my saved emails but kept my contacts. Does that make sense to anyone?

I think I really suck at this blogging thing. No really, dont argue with me, its totally true. I read blogs every day in my Google Reader and sometimes I even comment. But do I blog? Uh no. Why is that? One excuse includes the fact that they blocked WordPress at work. So I cant get paid to blog. How unjust. Then when I get home, I have to battle two other people for 5 minutes on the computer. And when I get my 5 minutes, I have an audience. The only time I really have to blog, surf, and just laze around online is when I am at my moms on the weekends. And even then I sometimes get harrassed for spending TOO much time online. Oh where is the happy medium on THAT one?

My recent online obsession? Flickr. There are so many more things I can do on there than just upload my pictures! I am like a kid in a candy store. I swear I surfed that site for almost 5 hours this weekend. And I wanted MORE time. I love photography. I suck at it but I try. I do have so much appreciation for good photos. I just love that website. Its fun. And I am a nerd.

So I took some time to get all my blogs out of my reader that were backed up. Some with 16+ updates that I just cant see at work. Not that they are inappropriate, its just my work blocks the DUMBEST shit. So I caught up there. One of my favorite blogs kept me busy reading for a good hour. Thats a healthy dose.  Her blog is down and out right now because she is without a computer. So I guess its a waiting game for an update but it happens. I would hate to be anyone who actually reads THIS blog haha. I never update. But I want to more so now. Since my recent flickr obbsession, I have started taking more pictures again. Next weekend we go to Disneyland so I know I will end up with a lot of pics to upload.

This post is all over the place so I am just going to post it and get it over with.