Funny kid…

12 02 2007

Last night, the three of us were laying in bed. I thought that The Boy was already asleep and me and Rura were just laying there talking and laughing. All of a sudden, we heard out of the darkness, “STOP NOW MOM! It’s time to be quiet because I’m trying to sleep now!!” We both got real quiet and all you could hear in that room was the two of us, holding our breath, trying really really hard not too laugh. You know that laugh that escapes out of your lips when you are pressing them together really hard? Yea exactly that. It ended up with him hitting me with his spongebob pillow because I could not stop laughing.

Rura and I joined one of the 365 groups on Flickr. If you want the link, let me know. I wanted to do one with The Boy’s pictures but I figured that since I dont have him every day, it would defeat the purpose.

Flickr photo of the day: Check this out. Flickr ♥




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