Halfway to 50

20 03 2007

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. The title is a lovely descriptive my good friend S used to describe my age. I dont feel like an old woman and I dont feel like a teenager. (I am so NOT saying that 25 is even remotely old ok?) I feel… level. Is that even a feeling? How should I feel about turning 25? I dont feel different. I dont look much different than last year other than the fact that my hair now almost touches the top of my booty. Cool when my hair is did, but crappy when its wet and hanging in my face when I am trying to shave my legs in the shower.

Turning 25, visiting my most hated place (DMV hell), I tried to renew my licence. Note the keyword in that last sentence. Tried. Turns out I have a “failure to appear” in court, in front of a judge, for a traffic ticket I got… wait for it… in JUNE OF LAST YEAR. Turns out they never received my $10 or proof of insurance to clear my ticket. Never received. Never notified me either, bastards. Sooo… I cannot renew my licence until I do the following: either pay $1,084 (dontthinkso) or appear in front of a judge with my proof of insurance from 10 months ago, plus a “release of liabilty” because I no longer own the car that I got the ticket in. The reason I was pulled over is because my tags showed my registation had expired. It WASNT but thats a whole nother rant about how much I loathe the DMV and its processes and devilish behaviors. The cop who pulled me over SAW in his little computer that my registration was current and told me he was not going to cite me for the expired tags. Yea he did. So now I have to prove that I no longer own the car, which of course was in the ex’s name and hopefully, the judge will spare me and not fine me up the ass with fees I cant afford. Oh and the best part is? I have to show up at the courthouse at 7:30 am on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, and hope I get a ticket to see the judge. The courthouse opens at 8:00am. The city must be overflowing with criminals. You would think it was Rialto or something… Gah, I hate the DMV so much. Everytime I step foot in their doors, something goes wrong. And their employees? BITCHES. If you work for the DMV, be nice to people! Sheesh, every DMV employee I have had to confront has been a bitch on a whole new level that I can only aspire to.

BTW, how is a $10 ticket going to be INFLATED to a $1,000 fine? Where is the freakin justice in that? The city cant be that hard up for cash. Oh well, I wont get started on that anyways.

Honestly, despite feeling like a criminal, I had a great birthday. I played hooky from work and my best friend took me to lunch and to get our nails done. We watched a movie at her house later that night (Harsh Times). It was a trip, let me tell you. I asked if next year we could watch a happy movie on my birthday though. After me and Rura went home and snuggled and talked and laughed and did all the things that I love to do when we are together. We even shared an orange. I lied. I do feel different being 25 compared to last year. I’m happy. I feel complete, even if just for a second.

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