Something New…

1 05 2007

OK so I forgot my necessary April post. I wanted to post something, but never got the chance I guess. So I figured that maybe this month, I would try and post something every day. I know, going from one extreme to another is a big step. BUT, consider it a New Year’s resolution, but starting in May. I dont know why I said that. I probably just jinxed it. I NEVER keep New Year’s Resolutions, so I dont know why this time would be anything different.

Anyone think I can do it? Anyone? Oh wait, there isnt anyone there LOL. I dont have readers because I never post! Der… I sure wouldn’t read this blog. How boring. Damn girl never posts, why would I keep going back to check if she did? I wouldn’t waste my time.

Eeh…. Anyways… can this count as my first post of the month? Oh yea, no one there to object so why the hell not? Hope you enjoyed the most pathetic first post of the month in history. I know I would have been pissed if I just wasted time reading this. Dont say I didnt warn you!

 Flickr Photo of the Day: Something Gorgeous Flickr ♥




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