This is 2007 right?

2 05 2007

OK can someone explain to me how, in 2007, I have a to teach a 40+ year old man how to use a computer? I mean seriously! Is cut and pasting from a word document to an email really that hard? I do it about 50 times in one day and each time I have stopped and thought about how hard this really must be for him to understand.

Whats more funny is that when I first met this guy when we hired him, he acted like he knew WAY more about my job than I did. We dont even do the same thing for this company we work for. He is in sales, I am an admin. Yet he thought that he knew everything when he was going through the hiring process to work in my department. Guess he isn’t feeling so cocky now. Isn’t computer literacy required these days? It isn’t? Hmmm, no one told me. Learn something new everyday.

 Here it is: Flickr Photo of the Day: Fantasy Come True Flickr ♥




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