The evidence never lies…

3 05 2007

We just finished watching the first season of CSI. Don’t get confused. I only watch the ORIGINAL CSI. None of that New York or Miami crap. You could say it’s an obsession. I’m comfortable with that. I love this show. The writing is great, the stories are interesting, and there isn’t all that weird drama and side stories. The show does have slight side stories with the main characters and I appreciate them. What I appreciate the most is that the writers don’t go into long winded details about them. They plant subtle hints and information within the story that doesn’t give too much away, and also keeps the watcher interested in what they may find out next.

My favorite character is Gil Grissom, played by William Peterson. He always gives out the best openers to start the show and they aren’t cheesy like on CSI: Miami. He is an interesting character for sure. He is intense, informative, and always interesting.


That’s gotta be it for tonight. I made my daily deadline just in time because I am TIRED!! I have Rura with me tonight so you know what that means 😉 Hope anyone reading had fun tonight too!


No Flickr tonight. Like I said, this one had to be quick! Oh and I’ll fix the font later. Stupid word kept Times New Roman. I hate that font…




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19 09 2007
I miss Carrie! « Rura and Miss

[…] yea, about that title up there. There are only 3 shows I really go nuts over: CSI (Las Vegas ONLY.), Friends, and Sex and the City. So in reality, there is only 1 show that I go crazy over that is […]

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