Dont say…

8 05 2007

I told you so! I knew I wouldn’t bee able to do this every day this month. How many days did I skip already? Eh, not important. What’s important is this – I ate at The Cheesecake Factory tonight. Never been there. I came home with the best tasting cheesecake they have. This is only a matter of my opinion and here, thats all that matters. It tasted like heaven. I’m using my mom’s Mac book so I have no fucking clue how to post a picture with wordpress. (BTW, it was the dulce de leche cheesecake)(Dont you feel heavier just reading that?)

Its strange to me how some websites are set up differently for Apple followers. The two I use the most are wordpress and Google. Google has this feature called IGoogle and I’m assuming its for mac users because I could not log in through the normal page but with IGoogle I could. I dont care enough to prove or disprove that statement. All I know is that I can now see my Google reader and that makes me one happy girl.

Rura got a job today. Since he was trying to focus on school, he hasn’t worked. He applied at a resturaunt in town last week and they hired him today. I’m not getting into the whole “he works when I am off work” issue because it just pisses me off. I’m so glad he is working because he actually enjoys it (ammature. THAT will be gone quickly) and any extra money is always a good thing. But I just hate that when he rattled off his schedule to me today, it was all the days that we can spend together. But I guess thats life, thats what all the people say. You work your ass off, then you die. I really hope that isn’t so true. I want to travel, see the world, enjoy my life with Rura and with any family that we may bring into this world. I don’t think that is asking a lot is it? These days, it just might be.

But I am very proud of him for getting a job again. What I am not proud of is when he gets all pissy and blames my bad attitude on him getting a job. SO NOT why I am bitchy. Doesnt he know by now that that is just me?

I’m tired, I’m hot, and I am thinking that my long ass hair is NOT going to make it through the summer, if we continue to get highs like today. This heat was totally bananas yo! I’m out for the night. I have to go set my new mouthguard. I acutally have to boil it for 30 seconds to soften it enough to be able to form to my mouth. WEIRDNESS. I noticed that I am either clenching or grinding my jaw and teeth at night just recently. I wake up with a sore mouth every morning. Stress, I know doc. Last night I slept like crap but on top of bad sleeping, my teeth and my little “issue” woke me up twice. I swore both times that I had broken a tooth. I didn’t but it still scared me. So… $30 bucks later and hopefully, my problem wont be so severe. I’ll be sure to write about it in a few nights.

Flickr Love: When I searched Flickr for “teeth” this guy came up. So did this. That dog got owned. Fucking Sweet.



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