Just what I suspected!

10 05 2007

The $30 mouthgaurd didn’t work. Why am I not suprised? All I want is something to keep me from grinding. This thing I bought was like something out of Monday night football. I couldn’t even shut my mouth all the way with that damn thing in. (Thats what she said! Oh!….. Sorry) So yea, it’s a no go. Do you think that CVS will let me return it? I mean, sure thats nasty but we are talking about $30 here!! I’ll call them tomorrow and run it by them, just to see what they say. I still have the receipt. It never hurts to ask.

But yea, FYI folks, dont waste your money like I did.

Tired… so tired… Look at this. Flickr ♥ I want to take Rura there some day, even if we dont gamble. Cheap drinks and a beautifuly distasterous city. What could be better??




One response

12 05 2007

I got a mouthguard-ish thing from my dentist; it is designed to treat grinding but I wear it for TMJ. It was a little under $200 but I feel so much better now and my jaw doesn’t pop every time I open my mouth.

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