17 06 2007

No one reminded me how hard it would be to live with my parents again. Wait, let me correct myself. Live with my MOM again. Damn she can be bitchy. She can also be helpful. Like when I need someone to read to The Boy. But she can also be a bitch. When she asks my son when the last time he brushed his teeth was all the while dropping hints that I suck. BTW, Rura got the message and is brushing his teeth right now.

Did I mention he rocks? My son who hates medicine now takes two allergy pills a night. My son who cries, pukes, and freaks out when taking medicne now easily takes both pills every night he is with me in under two minutes with not one tear shed. Why? Because my boyfriend completely rocks. He OWNS giving out medince. Me? I end up screaming at the kid to stop making himself throw up.

The Boy has to take two allergy meds and a nose spray every night because one of his tonsils is really enlarged and also? The breathing tube from his nose to his throat is unnaturally small. I didn’t WebMD this but the doc said if the meds dont help at the end of a month, its surgery to get the tonsils removed. And a sleep study on top of it. So we are trying the meds.

I am giving The Boy a new nickname. Its Skinny Bones Jones, or SBJ for short. That kid is so skinny. Just like his momma growing up. And he likes to call himself that so SBJ it is.

Dawn, did you really read that whole last post? If you did, you are awesome. Did you see how I managed to link BOTH your awesome blogs in just a few sentences? And a few times too! Haha. Dawn rocks.

Since SOMEONE is reading over my shoulder (hi babe!) just so I get off the computer, I gotta go now. Peace!



2 responses

18 06 2007

Hey, I read it too 😉 And this one.

20 06 2007

Of course I read the whole thing. You are updating so much more now. I have to give your posts the respect they deserve!

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