21 06 2007

I was listening to Art Laboe on my way home tonight and one of the people who sent in their dedication made it to their “Sugar Booger”. Seriously? People actually call each other stupid fucking names like this?

SBJ was in mid-sentence not 5 minutes ago and he totally passed out. Seriously? How does he do that?

I am sharing my bed with SBJ, his stuffed dog named “Dog”, his stuffed penguin named “Penguin”, my sweet cat in the window, three kids books, three legos and one easter egg. Seriously? Where the fuck is Rura and how the hell did all this crap get in my bed?

I brought Cheez-It’s in here to eat, opened the box, but have not put one in my mouth. Seriously? Does this mean I have to put the box away?

I ordered 4 pairs of really fucking cute shoes and I got two of them for halfprice because Payless rocks. Seriously? Did I need more shoes? (Rura would say noooooo, and he will be mad about the wedges because, HELLO FEET!)

I’m in the middle of a sentence and Rura puts me on hold. Seriously? It’s 10:46 at night and there is ANYONE more important than me? WTF? (deserving of TWO follow up questions there.)

I’m still blogging in this format. Seriously? Isn’t it getting on your nerves?

It’s getting on mine. Night!!




2 responses

22 06 2007

You order shoes? Why dont you go out and actually buy them? I have issues with ordering clothing and shoes, because Id hate for them to be fugly, or not made right, or just plain dont fit. Seriously.

22 06 2007

Why would he care about the wedges? I don’t get it.

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