What’s so special about Iowa?

30 07 2007

Is it the pretty scenery? Or the simple fact that it’s over 2,000 miles away from family? I’m going to go with the latter. I absolutely HATE that my cousin lives in Iowa. I hate it. I’m a selfish bitch, yea ok but I still hate it. I hate not seeing her kids grow up. I hate not seeing her. Period. I don’t miss her self obsorbed husband. He blogs about my cousin in a way that makes me loathe him even more. I am not linking to his site because it sucks. I’ll just post the pic –

damn boots


 He goes on to say something along the lines of her being such a hard working mother and how she takes care of him as a 3rd child and blah blah. Yea, he blogged about her going out shopping with two different shoes on. Some will read this as an affectionate post about a husband who admits to under appreciating his wife. I read this as an arrogant ass who thinks its “cute” that his wife is so damn frazzled, she allows herself to go out in public like that. Him being too selfish to even notice when she went out the door. And WHAT. THE. FUCK. What are those THINGS she is wearing on her feet? She owns TWO pairs of fug boots? SCUFFED UP FUG BOOTS?? That she wears SHOPPING? Doing yard work or something in them is fine, but she would not be caught dead in those here in California. This makes me go insane!!!!!! She used to be put together. Gorgeous. Never out of place. Now she’s packed on the pounds and spends her time chasing after her kids who are growing up to be like Daddy which alone would make me nuts.  Added to the list of things I cant stand about him: he goes on all these trips, biking trips, work trips and never once does he think about taking my cousin on a much needed cruise or SOMETHING! He is never home with them and I know she is out of her mind.  

They are coming to visit towards the end of August. I wish she was coming alone with just the kids but I doubt it. I hate when he is with her because he is so damn condicending and judgmental. When SBJ was two, he was on a good one trashing my mom’s living room. Kids who are two pull things off of tables and throw them on the ground. They are two. They don’t understand “NO” just yet. My mom quickly re-learned to move the breakables high up and never cared what he was throwing around. My cousins hub (they had no kids at the time) sat there looking down on my baby and said “MY kids will NEVER act like that.” I wanted to knock his teeth in. I didn’t have to because KARMA IS A BITCH. His son was the BIGGEST brat. He has tantrums to beat all tantrums. The first time I witnessed this, I laughed my ass off.


He is one of those parents who send out birthday invitations and add a little sticker that says “Instead of toys, contribute to his college fund!” Like its fun for the 2 year old to get checkes instead of TOYS. FUCK YOU. I always get those kids the noisiest toy with the most pieces. I got him his first drum set. HAHAHA. I hate that shit. No one contributed to my college fund. Hell I don’t think I had one. If I did, I still haven’t seen a dime of it. And I went to college! Gah! I swear, I block that jackass out of all my memories with my cousin and her kids. Things I do remember, are all bad. Tell me again why I clicked on my bookmark of his blog? At least he gave me an entry for today. I think that’s the first decent thing he’s ever done. Thanks jackass!!


Edited to add: I love my cousin and miss her. I cant stand her husband because he took her away from me and my family. If she ever find this, I’m sorry if it pisses you off, but its what everyone in the fam believes, your husband is an ASS. So was mine. Guess it runs in our family.




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30 07 2007

Oh god what I wouldnt give to be a troll on his blog. You must send me linkage. 😉

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