Harry Potter Hangover

1 08 2007

Harry Potter

Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd. A junkie, if you will. I own all the books and have read them all at least twice (with the exception of the newest and last book). I’ve seen all the movies and own them. I have been disappointed by each as most book nerds are when a good book is turned into film. I still enjoy the movies, just feel sad in what they lack. One thing about me though, is that I am a CHEAP nerd. I dont do hard covers. I just dont. I do not own one hard cover book. Which means I was not one of the millions who waited until Midnight to own the newest book.

My mommy brought me hers yesterday when I was at work.

She already finished reading it and KNOWS I am next in line. Its my mom’s fault that I am hooked to these books. She was one of those people who said, “You should read this cute book about a boy who’s a wizard.” My mom is so hardcore, she was one of the first grown up Harry Potter nerds. Of course I had to out school her after a few books. I didn’t get interested in the series until about the 3rd book was out. She had been bugging me to read them for a while so I finally did and it was almost an instant addiction.

I’ll buy this last book when its 7 bucks at Target in paperback. But right now, I am taking much care and love while handling my mom’s hardback version of it. The hard cover copy is 759 pages. In three hours I read to page 330. I seriously feel hung over today. So far, I am not disappointed. I’ve cried once and laughed a few times. I actually get a nervous knot in my chest when I am reading a climactic part because I have heard so many people die in this book. I was NOT expecting the first death! I’m not going to reveal anything right now so if you haven’t read it, dont trip. I wish I could have skipped work and finished the book, but I couldn’t. At my old job, maybe but not this new one. that whole pesky temp to hire thing… I want to get to the “hire” part.

Which by the way, I am in the middle of my 3rd week. By this time, I have come to hate staples. That is all I have to say about that.



One response

1 08 2007

My sister is a potternerd. She’s a teacher though, so it goes together, but still. She has a habit of reading every caldecott or newberry award winner she can find as well.

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