I am amazed.

2 08 2007

How is it so frackin hard to give away a ticket to a Dodger game?? And on a giveaway night! Someone PLEASE explain this to me!!

My parents have tickets for us all to go to the Dodger game on Saturday when they play Arizona. They are giving a way a Dodger cooler for attending the game. We have really cool seats, in the front row of the Reserve level on the first base side! I am depressed about it only because Rura cant go with us. He has training for his Explorer competition all day Saturday. I know how important it is for him to get one of the four spots to compete. I know how badly he wants it. I want him to get it too. But I want him to go to the game beacuse its just not the same without him. So I of course come to accept that he cant go. I have tried to get TWO of my cousin’s to go with me, and one has definate plans and the other, tentitive plans. To go to the fair. THE FAIR! Which will still be going on next weekend. You wont get another chance to get a Dodger cooler people! Ugh, I never thought it would be this difficult. I would have jumped at the chance.

No matter who takes the ticket, it just wont be the same without Rura. We are the 555 crew. Me with my Garciapara shirt (#5) and him with his Martin shirt (55). Gah! I’m depressed. But I get to go to a Dodger game! Neener Neener Neener!




One response

2 08 2007

Id go but I lack knowledge of sports and also I have no babysitter and also I have to bake a cake. A really elaborate cake.

And I have to wash my hair.

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