This is everyday

7 08 2007

Typical. Completely typical. And so US btw.

Him: “Hi honey. I’m at the station.”
Me: “Ok”
Him: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Working”
Him: “Oh. Whats wrong?”
Me: “Nothing, why?”
Him: “Tell me whats wrong.”
Me: “Nothing is wrong! Seriously. Why, does it sound like somethings wrong?”
Him: “Are you gonna tell me whats wrong? What happened?”
Me: “Seriously, there is nothing wrong, everything is fine.”
Him: “So you aren’t going to tell me?”
Me: “Is there always something wrong with me that you have to ask? Even when nothing is wrong?”
Him: “Huh?”
Me: “Nevermind…”
Him: “Ok well I’ll call you when I can. Love you.”
Me: “Love you too.”

I was laughing the whole time we had this conversation. He was totally serious. The only thing that was wrong with me is that I couldn’t figure out what to post today. He solved my only problem. Boring for you, but helarious for me!




One response

7 08 2007

Youd think that if something were wrong, youd just say “somethings wrong.” poor thing is still trying to figure this whole woman thing out.

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