8 08 2007

Since I have nothing interesting to say today, I thought I would share some total randomness I came across while ‘surfin the net’.

Giant Lego Man found in Dutch Sea

Lego man

WTF? This thing was just bobbing around in the ocean. In the freakin ocean!! I don’t think people found this strange because “The toy was later placed in front of the drinks stall.” Now its scenery? LMAO. Oh you crazy Dutch! Always good for a laugh.

And WTF does “No Real Than You Are” mean exactly? If that shit was found floating around Huntington Beach, the West Coast would be shut down with the threat of a terrorist attack or something else. In Amsterdam, they let kids play on it. I ♥ the USA.  Isnt pot legal in Amerstdam? This could explain their reactions to this. Too blown out of their minds to see it as a trojan horse.

Am I the only one who finds this amusing??




2 responses

8 08 2007

LOL You are so right! Everything would be shut down here. It’s great those kids are hanging out with it.

15 08 2007

I wish I had found it, I would put it on Ebay and make a fortune selling it.

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