Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

10 08 2007

With a title like that, something fucking exciting better be happening on Sunday right? Well to an internet nerd like me, it is exciting. To you, maybe not so much.

We got an offer from the fabulous Jessie to pose for some pics for her portfolio. This is exciting for me because I love taking pictures and for free? Reads: Sweet ass deal to me. I know they will come out great because her pics rock. In reality, I feel a little bad not paying her because she IS that good. But she offered and it would have been rude of me to say no. So I am meeting my first official bloggie buddie on Sunday. This is big for me people.

Jessie’s blog was one of the first I got into reading because she always has something interesting to say, combined with great pics. I dont know how long I have been reading but its been quite some time. She is local to the IE like me so that is what is making this meeting so easy for both of us.

When I reminded Rura that he better not make plans for Sunday because we are taking pics, he pulled a SBJ. “I dont WANT to take pictures!!” Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh. Total whiney voice and ev-uh-ree-thing! I told him it was already planned so he better suck it up. I think I make him come across as funny and sweet on this blog, but when it comes to meeting new people, he gets a little bit nervous. His quietness can come across snobby (to me anyways because its SO different than his normal self and it took me a bit to realize it was his nerves) when he first meets people but he gets over it pretty quick. I just hope he smiles nice for the camera and doesn’t give out his serious face the whole time. Boys are funny like that.

Soooo this is another first for us too. We have never gotten our pics taken professionally. (I know you aren’t professional yet Jess, but you will be soon and the way your pictures come out seem to be professional so yea.) We have tons of pics of the two of us goofing off (which he reminded me when we were talking), the latest being us both wearing pore clearing masks, and I had to insist that these are going to be GOOD. With GOOD lighting, GOOD focus, GOOD all around. (No pressure or anything Jessie) The only thing that might need improvement are the subjects. HAR!

Thats it. I’m looking forward to Sunday. I am pissed that Rura’s Explorer competition is NOT open to the public but me being there would have made him nervous anyways. He DID get picked BTW. I forgot to mention that. He is doing the cuffing portion of the competition and something else but I forgot. Whoops. I wont be there anyways so what the hell do I care? Yea, I’m a bit bitter about that. Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend!




One response

11 08 2007

Ah, well everyting should go fine, and if nothing else, he and David will have lots to talk about since theyre on the same career path. I picked you because youre somewhat local, and everyone likes nice pictures of themselves, and honestly, I need more peeps in the folio. Its perfect!

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