This title sucks

14 08 2007

So does this post. Jessie is sending me all this great traffic and I am posting total shit here. Please forgive me, anyone who is stopping by. I dont feel so hot. I really should not be at work, but I am here, pounding away at this keyboard.

Jessie has been sending me some of the pics she took and let me just say this: they are gorgeous. I always appreciate a good photo taken and these are up there. Yes of course we are adorable in them, but that isnt what makes them great. They got us. They captured who we are with those cameras. It’s easy to pose for a picture but these are different. These are the pictures that will be on the walls of my home years from now, framed and cherished by us and our family.

Thank you Jessie. Thank you David. Not getting knifed by one of you was just a perk in my book. Next time, its on my dime. (I rhymed! HAHA) By the way, in order for me to get Rura to loosen up a bit, I just told him that you two were the white versions of us. He rolled his eyes at me, but he understood. Oh yea, he did. And yes, we will be back. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN. Just kidding. About the DUN DUN, not us coming back.

Ok I’m going before I confuse anyone else. Cold medicine makes my head fuzzy.




2 responses

14 08 2007

The white version of you? Oh god…for the love of…

19 08 2007

Awesome pics – love your shoes!

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