Wow another first!

22 08 2007

OMG I feel so cool. First I meet internet celebs, and now this? (yes I’m a huge dork)

Guess what?! Ok I’ll say it! I’m guest posting today over at Hot and Bothered!!!!!!! As you can tell by the name, this one is NOT safe for the kiddies.

I love this blog because the women who post here are honest and open about sex. And why shouldn’t they be? Sex is awesome. If you aren’t doing it, I recommend you go! Close this window and GO GET LAID. Its fun, its a stress reliever, and its freakin fun!

I’m posting over there about sex on the sly, or in other words, how to get some when you have to move back home with your parents or even if you ever have to get some room mates. I had a lot of fun doing this, so PLEASE go check it out! While you are there, read some more entries! These women have great advise to give and some fun stories to share. When they asked for guest posters, I jumped at the chance! I just cant believe they let me! LOL

What are you still doing here?? Go check it out!!




One response

23 08 2007

My (ex) boyfriend and I lived with my parents for a while. Not cool for teh sechs. Whoa…was not aware of the nekkidness on the outgoing link. (Common sense? What’s that?) Fortunately, my daughter thinks she saw a mom holding a baby in the shower. Yeah…we’ll just stick with that. Am not ready for THAT talk w/ a 4 year old!

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