Perfect Post – Me in 8 years

4 09 2007

This month I decided to actually get off the pot and participate in the Perfect Post Awards. If you aren’t aware of what they are, they are hosted by two kick ass ladies, Kim over at Petroville, and Lindsay over at Suburban Turmoil. The Perfect Post Awards are an apportunity for bloggers to highlight other bloggers that inspire them, make them laugh, cry, and for me, one who impresses me every time I read her blog.

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

I’m giving my first Perfect Post Award to Y over at Joy Unexpected. I adore Y and I’ve commented on her blog a few times in the past. In August, Y sent her first born off to his first year of high school. She expressed herself perfectly, as usual.

“I had dreamt about this moment from the first time I held that baby boy in my arms. I truly had. And here it was happening sooner than I had ever imagined. My son, the sweet little boy who used to sit on my lap and giggle uncontrollably while I made funny faces. That innocent little toddler, who once held my hand, looked up at me with the biggest smile on his face and said “I love you so much, I want to marry you mommy.” That little guy isn’t so little anymore. He’s now an awkwardly handsome dude with a man voice who rolls his eyes when I ask him to pick up his clothes off of the floor because that’s what High Schooler’s do when their moms get all up in their business and ask them to get off of their ass for TWO SECONDS to pick up their mess.

As I pulled up to the curb to let him off, I could feel the flood of emotions rising within me and I wished so badly that I could shout “FREEZE!” and make time stop if only for a minute. I just wanted to look at that boy and remember how it felt the first time I held him in my arms and compare it to how it felt to be sitting there next to him in all of his teenage glory about to let him go into the big, exciting world of high school.”

I cried when I read this because I know this will be exactly what I will be going through in 8 years myself. It scares me to already think about how quickly time has already passed for SBJ. I cant remember where the last 6 years went. I am so scared that 8 more will past just as quickly. Y’s post makes me stop and appreciate my SBJ for who he is right now, and the man that he will grow up to be, right in front of my eyes. Yvonne, thank you. Thank you for your Perfect Post, your honesty, and your ability to be so real. You are an awesome mother and its obvious that your children think so too. Enjoy your Perfect Post Award!

You can see the rest of the Perfect Post’s for the month of August here and here. You can also see all the past Perfect Post’s here. Enjoy!




One response

5 09 2007

I loved Y’s post also. She rocks.

But more importantly, how does one go about getting your email address? You know, for like private thank you’s to your touching and funny comments.

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