5 09 2007

Thats all you get today folks. I have been wracking my brain all day for a topic and keep coming up empty. *shrug* I’m at my best here people.

(and hahaha, bullet points!!!)

  • I have actually gotten some people here by their “search terms” and the bestest by far has been “underwater fucking”.  I googled this myself and out of 1,420,000 sites, mine was NOT on the front page. As for the topic itself, its not easy but it feels good. I’m chalking this up to a topic that my mom will be proud to know links people to her daughter’s blog. (If she ever finds it. Muahahaha *cough*)
  • My stats have gone up lately which, thank you anyone who visits, makes you people my new best friends. I just cant peak past 30 visitors a day. My visits don’t count, otherwise I would be more popular than I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.
  • Got bookmarks? Jessie wants to see them! Right now, the project isn’t up and running but she is requesting photos of your bookmarks now. If you got um, flaunt um! I know I’ll be sending mine in. Who doesn’t like to take pictures of random things? I know I do. EDIT – She launched the page! No bookmarks to see yet, but send yours in and you just might be one of the first!
  • Rura just informed me that he got the job he was going for. Since he will be working for a department store (in their werehouse), I get to take advantage of a 35% discount. Whoot. You know I loves me some shopping.
  • Don’t you hate it when people try to trick you by telling you bad news? Then you start with the sympathy, with the “it will be ok, you’ll get another job”, with the “I still love you even though you are a failure” and then they suddenly change their mind and tell you the truth that they DID get the job? Yea I don’t think thats funny. The person that just did it to me was NOT fooling me because he does it all the time but I actually HAD to do the sympathy thing before he would tell me the truth. That one thinks he’s got jokes.
  • This last bullet is for Rura – Thank you for loving me enough to not make me listen to that hidious ringback tone everytime I call you. You set mine to a song I would like and for that, I will say thank you by giving you head. (It’s the little things Internets)

Ehhh thats all I got today. Hey! Wake up! Get back to your regularly scheduled blogging! Nothing more to see! Move along!

But thanks for stopping by! Make sure you come back? Please? I give sexual favors when people do things for me! Did you know that?

PS – Author will not actually give you sexual favors. WTF? Perv!




4 responses

5 09 2007

Well, Im glad that you are starting to get all popular, and for linking to me every day. Thats awesome 😉

5 09 2007

Shit. I’ve just been visiting for the sole purpose of trying to get sexual favors. What a waste of time…

PS- My all-time favorite search term…”husband dressed in diaper sucking boobie”. Glad my blog has kept someone entertained.

6 09 2007

“It’s not easy but it feels good”


6 09 2007

Some of my own favorite posts are the ones full of bullet points. I love bullet points.

Also, I would love your discount. I’m lucky enough that my friend hooks me up with the Macy’s friends and family special…

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