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10 09 2007

Apparently I have a new addiction. Facebook. Its like crack. If you want to be my friend, leave me a comment and we can figure out together how to add each other. Or don’t because seriously, its addicting. My friend C got me hooked. I would link to her blog, but its private. Hi C! ♥

Oh and apparently, I’m Nice.

Nice Matter Award

I got my first award today from Tere over at A Mom, A Blog, and The Life In-Between. Thank you Tere!! You are so nice for giving this to me! I think I’m nice. Snarky and bitchy but nice too! Can you be all three of those things? I think so. Now I gotta give some of these out. Lets see… How about….

Jessie from David’s Doll – You’re gonna argue with me Jessie, but you are nice. You ARE!

Dawn from Clumsy Cajun – Dawn was my first reader and is an awesome blogger. She cracks me up and takes great pics of her son. She also makes kick ass announcements.

Amy from Amy’s Magnum Opus – Amy needs hugs and alcohol this week. She is a total sweetie and deserves this award!

zdoodlebub – Awesome blogger! First friend on CafeMom too!

Dana at The Dana Files – Because she always makes me laugh and laughing is nice.

Go forth ladies, and hand yours out too! Thanks again Tere!!



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10 09 2007


I’d like to thank the academy and all 2.5 of my fans, especially Miss, for recognizing my repetitive whining and alcoholic tendencies.

(What do I do now?)

10 09 2007

Oooh!! Thank you soooo much! You’re right! It does cheer a person up! I’ll mention this after my week hiatus. I’ve got guest posters on the blog this week. Thanks again! You are so generous. And nice. 🙂

10 09 2007

Aw thanks! Ive been coveting an award for a while. Thanks for actually seeing who I am and filtering out the swears.

11 09 2007

You’re welcome.

11 09 2007

Aww! My first shout out! Thank you so much!

31 08 2008

Good day!,

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