Search Terms! Hurray!

12 09 2007

On a lighter note…. 

I now understand why some people devote entire posts to the search terms that send people to their blogs. This shit is funny. You cant make this crap up folks.

Morning hardon, how to handle? – My best advise would be a cold shower or a good yank. I bet you’re single so I wont recommend that you have your significant other take care of it.

My son cries for his grandma every night – What does that say about you? Hmmmm….

How to handle a bitchy girlfriend – You came to the right place my friend! LMAO. I say just smack her around a bit. Sometimes bitches deserve a good smack. At least thats what I tell my cousin. His girlfriend is the QUEEN of bitchy bitches. Hell, I want to smack her.

Hot inflamed on my knee – Where the hell have you been putting your knees? Even we dont get THAT fuckin kinky. Fah-reak!

Mom fucking sun/Sun fucking moms – What. The. Fuck. You want to see a mom fucking the sun?? Do you know what would happen? She would BURN UP. Dipshit. Wait…. Ummm… did you mean to spell “son”? Did you really fuck that up twice? Dood, get your ass back to school and stop googling such pervy things you sick fuck.

sexual favor gamesAmy…. that was you huh?

Thats all the screwed up search terms I got for you. People are a fucking trip aren’t they? Especially those pervs. Hehe

So I broke my “top number of visitors in a day” today. Well actually, YOU broke it. I had 35 whole visitors in ONE DAY! Oh my gosh, I am seriously excited about that. If that makes me a huge dork, then so be it. Thank you to anyone who visits, even if you get here by accident because you are searching for a website that shows your mom fucking the sun. I still heart you.

I think I got up to 35 because someone threatened me with bodily harm. That and she posted a huge picture of me laughing at Rura. Ahhhh good times not getting knifed.

I guess thats it. Tonight I made Spam and Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. I haven’t bought the right book to show me how to cook properly. Have a good one!




5 responses

12 09 2007

I will eventually punch you with every fist on my body, straight in the tooth, you god damned sun fucker.

13 09 2007

Slow and steady… one day you’ll reach magnificent heights and have more readers than you can handle, 98% of which don’t comment, which will leave you feeling inadequate and worried and obsessing over – oh wait! This is about you, not me! 🙂

The readers, they will come. And it IS a very exciting feeling.

13 09 2007

Yay! I wanted to throw a party the first time I broke into the double digits.

I’m pleading the 5th on the sexual favors games.

13 09 2007

Mac and cheese with spam? sounds like a secret delicious dish, like peanut butter and chocolate spoonfuls. nobody can know about the love…

4 10 2007
Late as usual… « Rura and Miss

[…] day and get here in the same way. You are like a morning cup of coffee, always there for me. So sun fucker, will you please say hello? I would love to greet you by kicking you in your balls and personally […]

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