Shhh! Dont tell anyone this but…

13 09 2007

I’m lazy.

There. I said it. Thats my big secret. I am a lazy person. I want to be good. I want to do better. I’m just too lazy to try. I have been trying to write this entry for the last 45 minutes, but I got distracted downloading old music for my Ipod. I think that I have become even more lazy since I am living with my parents. I don’t really do much here, except for keeping my room clean and picking up after SBJ when he is with me. Every time I go to clean up our bathroom, or do our dishes, my mom has already done them. It’s like she is contributing to my laziness. (haha yea right)

I don’t know what it is that makes me like this. I don’t mind doing things or going out, but I would much rather stay at home and do nothing. Sitting on the couch, watching a movie with Rura; thats my idea of a perfect Sunday.

I am so lazy that I would rather sleep an extra 10 minutes then put make up on in the morning before work. I dont have one of those faces that needs makeup, but it does make me look better. I just dont want to take the time to do it.

I am so lazy that I usually dont bother changing clothes (other than my jeans) before I go to bed.

I am so lazy that I dont wash and style my hair every day for work. If I wear it down on Monday, on Tuesday its in a pony tail, unwashed. I take showers, I just dont wash my hair because that means I can sleep an extra 10 minutes in the morning. Another lazy thing I do in the shower is combine my shampoo and conditioner in my hand so that I dont have to do two steps.

There are so many things I put off because I am lazy. I wish that I could share them all with you but… you guessed it. I’m too lazy to do that.

I actually gave out this writing challenge and it took me forever to think of something. There are lots of other bloggers out there with secrets too, so check them out.  *phew* That’s a lot of linking. Now I’m going to go eat pie.



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13 09 2007


14 09 2007

Lazy, nothing! Those are some awesome time saving tips. I’m going to try the shampoo/conditioner combo trick!

14 09 2007

Amen, sister. Except that I’m lazy and the hub picks up after me.

14 09 2007

Lazy? Or just conserving your energy?

I’m lazy. This is why I’m still fat, 2 years post pregnancy.

My husband said you sound nice. (He was a little concerned about the sexual favors, though.)

14 09 2007

Hah! That was going to be my secret! Then I decided that anyone who’s ever met me would die laughing at the notion that my laziness is a “secret.” Glad to know I’m not the only admitted lazybones out there.

14 09 2007

Laziness is a virtue.

16 09 2007

What you describe as lazy, I describe as not type A enough for me to want to beat you up!


16 09 2007

Ppphhht that’s really not all that lazy. That’s actually time efficient, you’re saving it for something more important, more enjoyable. Keep repeating “Not lazy just more effective…”

17 09 2007
Time to shape up « Rura and Miss

[…] Shhh! Dont tell anyone this but… […]

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