Time to shape up

17 09 2007

I really want to get back into shape. It’s hard for me because, as you already heard, I’m lazy. I am not one of those girls who thinks that she is fat. I’m not. I just know that I have some “excess area” to loose. I hide it well, believe me.

But I can see it. I see it when I sit. I see it before my showers. I see it IN the shower. I see it in bed when I should be feeling my most sexy. I see it when I wear jeans (which happens to be almost every day). I can see it. And I want it to go away.

Of course I have that kind of boyfriend who loves it. He loves my body and anything extra that I have on it. He even calls it “a little something extra”. He’s a doll and I love him for loving me, even the parts of me that I hate. But him? He does not have that problem. Not one bit. I swear he has not one ounce of fat on his body. It makes me insanely jealous and turns me on at the same time!! How frustrating!!!

So I’ve been thinking about what I can do to get rid of that extra skin and fat. I’m tired of using the excuse that its from having my son because uh…. he’s 6. He’s 6 and that excuse stopped working oh, I would say, about 5 years ago.  So about that thinking thing…

I’ve decided that I want to start walking/running when I am waiting for SBJ to finish soccer practice. There is a perfectly good track right there and instead of sitting and reading while I wait, I can walk a mile or two. I also want Rura to help me in some way on one of the days he has off. I was thinking Monday’s because he doesn’t have work but he sometimes has ride alongs (like tonight). Sooo… I dont know. I bet he is laughing his ass off reading this because he KNOWS I will never get off my ass to do any of this. I do need his motivation because he is in shape. He works out all the time because the police department has a gym for them to work out in. I know if I ask him, he will help me.

The worst thing about this, the one thing I dont want to do? Eat right. I love food. I love bread. I love carbs. I really like soda. I dont want to cut that out. I know that I could eat better. But I really dont want to. So there lies my biggest problem. That, and the motivation to actually do any of this.

Any tips will be appreciated, seriously. If I do actually do any of this, I will definetly post about it.




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17 09 2007

Eat what you like (for the most part, remember moderation) and just get some simple running and walking in. You arent trying to lose a ton of weight, I know that because Ive seen you. Youve got less to lose so dont do anything too wild, but walking and running is a great start. Even better is swimming.

18 09 2007

Well, I’m working on losing my extra something and getting my Cuban thighs down to a more manageable size. All I can say – and you’re going to hate this – is alter your diet. For me, it’s sweets and carbs. I was eating some kind of sweet every single day – I’m down to just weekends now, and same for carbs (eating less on a daily basis). It sucks the first week, but then you get used to it. I swear.

18 09 2007

The exercise part is the most important aspect to getting in shape. You burn more calories the more muscle mass you have. The eating right thing will follow eventually because you’ll be looking so good you won’t really want a bunch of sweets to mess up your new look. Like Tere said, the first week is the hardest, then it becomes routine.

18 09 2007

One word: Jazzercise!

Just kidding, although I actually do love it. But I am a nerd.

I swear, I wish I knew an easy, foolproof way to lose weight. It is so damn hard! Eat less, move more seems to be the formula, though. But you could also try doing something like South Beach. If you don’t have that much to lose, you could lose like five or so pounds in just a week or two, then keep it off by walking a couple times a week and just cutting out a little more carbs. Oh, and some people totally swear by not eating anything at all after 6 pm. Good luck!

30 01 2008
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