I miss Carrie!

19 09 2007

I got interviewed today by Michelle over at  Type (little) a. Check it out:

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? How close/far is it from what you’re doing now?
Pretty far. Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher like my mommy. I never got on the right track because I ended up barefoot and pregnant. Now I am working in the aerospace industy in the Quality department. My dad is a Quality manager at his job so I guess I am following in his footsteps more than hers.

2. What kind of eater are you? Are you picky? Or are you all, pan-fried songbird in a chocolate-asprin sauce, yum just like mom used to make!
I can be picky. But in my old age, I have become more open to trying new things, at least once.

3. I f you had a substantial amount of money to give away, where would you give and why?
Most people would say a charity or something, but I would help out friends and family who need it. Doing that would give me more personal satisfaction because I can see the direct result. So kiss my ass now people and when I strike it rich, I’ll hook you up!

4. Do you have any sore spots that you don’t laugh at/make fun of?
I pretty much laugh at everyone and everything. Seriously? This one is hard because I’m sure there is something. I know! Cancer. So not funny that cancer stuff.

5. Do you drive like an asshole? If yes, please NEVER come to NJ. My blood pressure if high enough. KTHKSBYE
I drive DEFENSIVELY! Rura would say yes I do. The thing is, if you are on the road with me, just move out of my way and I wont drive like an asshole around you. I promise!

That was fun! Want me to interview you? Leave your request in the comments along with your bribe and I’ll email you some questions. Be prepared to bare your soul and/or answer something crazy ok? I wont be too hard on you but I will have fun with you! Oh and duh, leave a working email for fucks sake. Moving on….

So some really cool people gave me two really cool awards/buttons. I got this one from Dana:

My Friends Rock Award
She is awesome!

I bet she will let me pass this one on so I’m gonna give it to Jessie, Layla (zdoodlebug), and Amy for their very kind words and advice in my last post. You all have no idea how important your words are to me. I know I have shit to work through and I am actively doing that because I am very much in love. And I’m happy to report that all is good on the home-front. He brought me lunch today and we sat in my car and reminisced over music that we used to listen to when we first started seeing each other. Smiles and kisses all around. So thank you again.

And then I got this one from Amy:

Seal of Approval
She also rocks. I got this for winning my first bikini contest! And I didn’t even know I was entered so imagine how sweet THAT suprise was! Thanks Amy. I love you and your RT.

OMG I am seriously almost to my breaking point! There is a insanely annoying person at my work who will not SHUT THE FUCK UP. Seriously. She explains her every action to anyone who is listening and everyone who isn’t! I don’t give two shits if you are going to your car to take your break. Thank you for announcing that the office is going to be peaceful for 15 minutes!!! I swear she has mentioned her ex husband like 8 times in the last 30 minutes. If you love to talk about him so much, why did you get a divorce? Oh I know!! He got tired of hearing you talk!!!!! Gah!!!

Oh yea, about that title up there. There are only 3 shows I really go nuts over: CSI (Las Vegas ONLY.), Friends, and Sex and the City. So in reality, there is only 1 show that I go crazy over that is still on the air. Well guess what?!! They finally started filming the Sex and the City movie!! And there are pictures! And more pictures! Oh how I missed Carrie and Mr. Big. Seriously. I have the whole series on DVD so I can watch it whenever I want. That was my gift to myself when the ex went to Iraq. It’s how I coped or something. Anyways, the movie is set to come out some time next year and you better bet your sweet ass I will be going to see it. Alone. Everyone I know hates this show. Maybe my friend C will see it with me. If not, I don’t have a problem going by myself.

Speaking of my favorite shows, the season premier of CSI is TOMORROW. When I first saw the commercial, I got so excited. I told Rura to call of work to watch it. He won’t so that sucks for him that he’ll miss it.

Sorry this post is all over the place today. That just kinda describes where I am today. All over the place. Here, there, everywhere kind of thing.

Pee Ess – I totally wrote this post backwards. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Aren’t you jealous of my superior blog writing skillz?




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19 09 2007

More awards? Stupid cunt. No, seriously, keep em coming, Im a total award whore.

Oh, and interview me. Someone else was supposed to but I think she got her period.

20 09 2007

All right, I’m game. I’ll sign up for an interview…

20 09 2007

I also love me some Sex and the City. Love Mr. Big, which is why I also love Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I also have all the DVDs, gifts from my hubby. But I have never watched them because I have small children always underfoot with ears perked to learn any new swear words. And when they are not underfoot, there is a truckload of recordings waiting for me, such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is the most ricidulously awesome and inappropriate show EVER! The new season just started on FX and I am in heaven!

(I have a hard time with CSI Las Vegas ever since the one guy who now possibly has brain damage (?) was on the second season of Celebrity Poker Showdown and he went ALL IN on his FIRST HAND. Character vs real life stupidity is now too blurred for me.)

p.s. You should give

21 09 2007

I’m an idiot…what’s with the p.s.? Even I don’t remember anymore.

19 02 2008
quitter | finding atman

[…] be 15 minutes shorter – yay!) is The Lipstick Jungle, by Candace Bushnell of Sex and the City fame (Miss, I agree with you – I also miss Carrie!) and you know how sometimes through fate or karma or […]

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