Ooh Scary!

3 10 2007

So I didn’t go to work today because I think SBJ got me sick. Actually, I think he got Rura sick, and he passed it on to me. For both of them, it didn’t last more than a day and a half. So far for me, its almost passed because I feel much better than earlier and yesterday afternoon I felt like shit. So I think my day and a half is just about up.

I really didn’t do shit today. I went to Rura’s after I dropped SBJ off at school and we slept for a few hours before we left for my house. We had to go to the hell that is the DMV to pay my car registration and in reality, it wasn’t all that bad today. It was busy, but once they called my number, the whole process took like 3 minutes. Nothing makes me happier than a quick trip to the DMV with no drama. After, Rura and I went to Chili’s for lunch. I had the best fuckin mango tea ever.

Look at me, talking about my day like I’m some kind of normal blogger or something!

All night I’ve been watching Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel. I love this show because it spooks me out. I honestly believe in ghosts and stuff like that and have for as long as I can remember. I never experienced anything myself until I lived in the ex’s families house. His grandparents used to live there when his grandma was still alive and I swear she haunted that place. And I swear she did NOT like me. She would constantly open the cabinets and also close the back door which in life, was something that she did. She never liked the back door left open. I think I saw her twice.

The first time I was up before the sun. I was doing dishes and facing a window. You know how if its dark outside and you are inside with the lights on, you can see your reflection? Well when I was doing the dishes, I happened to glance up and in that split second that I looked at the window, I could see someone sitting in the chair behind me. When I looked back, it was gone.

The second time I was also in the kitchen making dinner. SBJ was playing on the floor at my feet and the ex was at school. Things between us were bad as usual and there were times when he would come home from where ever and just be angry about anything and everything. I eventually learned how to physically feel his anger and hate towards me when he was around. Its a sickening feeling and I hope no one can actually understand it. Going back to my story, I was cooking dinner and my back was towards the door where he would have come in. Suddenly I could feel that anger and hatred and my very first thought was that he was home and was staring at me from the doorway. I turned around ready to face whatever crap he brought to me that night, and all I saw was a tall white blur walking from the middle of the doorway towards the living room and bedrooms. That kitchen had an actual doorway so it wasn’t like I could see into that area without actually walking out. I still thought it was him and that I had just caught him turning away to go to the room so I walked out the kitchen door. The house was empty. He wasn’t even home. I checked outside and his truck was not there. I knew it wasn’t SBJ because he had been in the kitchen with me the whole time.

I’m a believer. My friend Kel always spooks me with her stories too about the little girl that haunts her house and plays with her kids, or the house she used to clean and one day in taking her oldest son, who was about 4 at the time, he didn’t want to leave because he was busy playing “with the little boy”. The owner of the house showed him a picture of a little boy and he said “yea! thats him” and it turned out to be her dead son. Fuh-reaky.

So what about you? Do you believe?



3 responses

3 10 2007

Ive got to tell you my ghost stories some time.

But they arent ghosts, theyre spirits technically.

4 10 2007

You know it, sistah. Didn’t I try to have an out of body experience? I am totally convinced the spirit world exists. I’m just too chicken to go there 😉

4 10 2007

I believe! In all that stuff, like spirits and intuition and karma!

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