If I could…

11 10 2007

I hate the dentist. Did I ever mention that? Its no secret that I have exceptionally bad teeth. The amount of dental work I need and cant afford could possibly add up to a nice down payment on a car. It’s something that my dad passed on to me. Well its probably too early to tell, but I may have passed it on to SBJ.

He had to go to the dentist twice this week. He goes back on the 24th. Over the weekend, he was complaining about his tooth bothering him. One of his front molars broke a few weeks back. So the ex took him to the dentist on Tuesday. The diagnoses was not pretty. Cavities galore. He needs a root canal. He needs to have that broken tooth extracted. Call me a bad mom if you will, but this was his first visit to the dentist.

Today he had the tooth extracted. The ex took him again. The report is that he did well for the second time even though they had trouble numbing his mouth. I talked to him for a second and he sounded sad. The ex said he was in pain at the end and that the dentist predicted that he will be in pain later. No soccer practice for him today. I get to take him for this 3rd appointent and I am NOT looking forward to that. I cant handle shots or blood draws, how am I going to do this? I hate seeing my baby in pain.

All this brings me to my purpose for writing. If I had a super power, it would be to take away other people’s pain. With just one hug, I could zap all the pain in SBJ’s mouth and he could get back to playing with his cars. With just one squeeze, I can eliminate the chronic pain that Rura has in his shoulders. Imagine how wonderful it would be to see someone suffering, and just make it go away?

To me, that tops mind reading, being a human sheild, teleporting (with others too), (or both), talking to animalsknowing and understand all languages, knowing where everything is at all times, or even nothing at all! As useful as ALL these superpowers would be, right now, I just want to take away my babies pain.

I’m actually jealous I didnt think of some of those! How helpful would they be to us moms?

Can you tell this was a fantastic writing challenge, given by a fantastic writer? Thanks Moo’s Moo! If you are interested in joining in these challenges, you can do so here, or here.




6 responses

11 10 2007

It isnt that youre a bad mom Miss, but because this is his first dentist visit, he has problems. Do him a favor and get his teeth cleaned on time and all that other stuff, live vicariously through his choppers.

11 10 2007

Oh, your poor little guy! That su-uh-ucks! I hope he is feeling better soon. There are few things I hate more than dental work. Sheesh.

12 10 2007

My oldest has bad teeth, too. He’s always getting cavities. He didn’t go to the dentist for the first time until he was 5. He got 3 of his front baby teeth pulled in June of 2006 and the adult teeth STILL have not come in yet.
My super power… mind control. Starting with my own.

12 10 2007

Oooh I feel your pain. I too hate the dentist and need sooo much work it isn’t funny.

I have recently discovered dentist who totally sedate you, via IV. It’s expensive, and I can’t afford it, but I’m saving my pennies. If you can handle the price of it, I recommend it!

12 10 2007

I just recently wrote about my fear of the dentist…it’s the pain, the sound of the polisher, the smell (OMG, the smell). Hate. The. Dentist.

Wishing you superhero powers!

13 10 2007

I think I like your superpower better than mine…at least it’s nicer. Mine is pretty selfish. 😉

hope everyone’s teeth get better!

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