Not feelin’ it

15 10 2007

I dont feel much like posting today.

The weekend SUCKED. Disneyland was fun. Except the part where I realized I was fat. That was not so fun. But we can talk about that later.

As for the whole “Rura’s out of town” fiasco, lets just say this: My boyfriend deserves a fucking gold medal for putting up with me.

I should either be committed or become an alcoholic. Then I can just blame myself on a disease, rather than the fact that I am an insecure asshole.

Dear Self,

Grow a freakin pair and suck it up already!!


I’ll post about Disneyland with some pretty pictures some time this week? Hang in there… I’ll be back to normal hopefully tomorrow.



3 responses

16 10 2007

Cheer up Miss…it was Monday after all when you wrote this. I wasn’t feeling it last week, so maybe I passed the apathy on to you. You need a meme or a writing challenge. =) I’ll see what I can find for you.

16 10 2007

Disneyland (all two times I’ve been) always puts me in a bad mood.

I hope you are feeling better soon, but I don’t mind crabby, God knows that’s my eternal state.

16 10 2007

yeah, I had a great weekend until Sunday afternoon when I suddenly had gained 20 lbs. How the hell did this happen.

I thought Disney put everyone in a good mood?

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