Auntie Miss

23 10 2007

This weekend I got to perform my auntie duties. I am still recovering which is why I haven’t posted. Of course, I got myself into this by offering to take my good friend S’s kids to a Halloween party that my family was having. She couldn’t come because she is 11 months pregnant and I really didn’t want her laboring all over our party. I don’t think she would have liked that either.

So on Saturday, after SBJ’s soccer game* I drove halfway out to where they live and we did the kid exchange. Except we didn’t swap kids. She got my sanity and I got her two kids. The first one, PP (which stands for Pirate Princess, her costume of choice) is two months older than SBJ. They are betrothed and have been since birth. When I was pregnant, and S was pregnant, we became friends. Our kids have been best friends since they were born, forced to get along. They spent their first Halloween together, moms pushing them in their strollers. SBJ as Dumbo and PP as a little ladybug. They couldn’t walk and sucked pacifiers the whole time but I know they had a blast.

Her second, LN (or Lil’ Ninja) is going to be 4 and is a little bundle of interestingness. I’ve always said he resembles Beavis, except with huge blue eyes like his momma. And his nostrils are fine. He gets the forehead from his daddy. He has the cutest little voice and is always saying things that crack me up.

So I’m having to do all of this exchanging and preparing for the party on my own, since Rura was participating in a Police Simulation with his post. He told me that I was just practicing for when I start popping out all his babies. *snort*

I was really suprised with myself because I only forgot TWO things that I needed to bring to the party which is amazingly low for me. I managed to get all three kids into their costumes, get mine on (sans Britney Spears wig) and gather up all our stuff in less than an hour. It was then that I could go and pick up Rura and we could all get on to the party. We had to make a quick stop at Big Lots and while I was in there, IN COSTUME, he went ahead and transformed himself to Lil’ John. I was rockin the poodle skirt with a black wig. Yea no matching costumes for us. We have one more party this weekend with HIS family and I might actually go as Britney Spears. Once you see me in the wig, you will so agree that I look like her. I just need some cowboy boots, a Starbucks cup, and some cigerettes to complete the outfit. Oh, and I cant wear underwear which Rura might appreciate. Everyone else, not so much.

In the end, the kiddies ended up staying overnight and two poopie pullups, candy for breakfast, two trips to McDonalds, 3 bags of candy, 1 popped balloon, lots of “Auntie I’m thirsty, I’m not eating that, thats yucky, Batman is a GOOD GUY, and I farted, who farted, YOU farted, GROSS”, and tons and tons of trucks and car toys later, it was time to return those little darlings to their parents.

And I already miss the little boogers.

brit lil john
I told you so.

*SBJ scored a goal in his game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried. He has been struggling this season and he scored!! It was an awesome goal and I’m such a good mother, I didn’t have my camera. Oh and no one but me and the ex were there to see it. But my baby scored!!!!!!!



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23 10 2007

What an awesome friend you are, Auntie Miss, I mean Brit-Brit (the resemblance, it is uncanny!). I’m sure the kids miss you, too. There is nothing better than a cool auntie letting you have candy for breakfast and McDonald’s times three!

23 10 2007

What a nice Auntie you are! I’m going to be an Auntie again any day now. twiddles thumbs I’m going to spoil this kid. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!
I already have a nephew… he’ll be 14 in December. (I’M OLD!) But he hates me because I used to tell him the PowerPuff Girls were his girlfriends. He’d get pissed and call me a faggot. Niiiice.

23 10 2007

Too cute pic. You make an awesome Britney. Love the starbucks mention.

3 11 2007
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