Birthdays and Beers. Lots of beers.

2 11 2007

Edited to add: I was wondering why I didnt see this post on my main page and then I logged in and realized that it was sitting in my drafts. Guess thats the downfall of drunk blogging. Does this mean I fail at NaBloPoMo? Eh.

Today is my cousin’s birthday. We are celebrating with lots of beer.

Today my friend S had her baby. A 6 pound bundle of joy.  I cant wait to hold her. I’m an auntie again!

My cousin brought one of our ollllllllllllllddddd friends from back in middle school to the party. It’s like seeing a long lost brother. He just became a daddy today too. A little boy.

We’re celebrating a birthday and two births.

And I’ve had a few too many Corona Lights.




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