ARK Sunday Week 1

4 11 2007

Welcome to WARK2eek 1 of ARK Sundays!  Sorry I’m posting so late. I had a lot of doing nothing to do this Sunday and its been great so far!!

With this being the first week, the “virgin” launch if you will, I found myself having trouble thinking of ways that I could show Acts of Random Kindness. I’m not the type of person to just do things out of the kindness of my heart so giving myself this challenge has been a struggle. But here goes.

Act 1 – I know this is kind of ISN’T what I really meant by this but on Friday night, when I was hanging out with my cousins, things got out of hand between my cousin and his girlfriend. She is psycho and it was his birthday so my uncle asked me to be nice to her. Until she choke slammed my cousin to the ground. My first ARK is that I did NOT go off on her and throw her in the pool and hold her under. It took everything I had to calmly tell her to leave and NOT come back. I was kind enough to provide her with her car keys and I very kindly told her that she is never welcome around my family again. Believe me when I tell you this, I struggled so much with not resorting to violence with this scab of a person. I think it counts.

Act 2 – My second act I performed today while we were out at the mall. I hate the mall. Especially around this time of year when people start Christmas shopping. I was already in a bad mood by the time we parked the car. The huge mall we go to has tons of parking and they were mostly full. We found a spot and were walking in behind a couple and what had to be one of their grandparents in a wheel chair. I’ll admit, I was getting a little impatient because we were on a walkway and really couldn’t go around them. When we got to the entrance of the mall, they had to go to the ramp to get up the curb so we took that chance and detoured around them. It hit me that we were speeding around them so I stopped myself and held one door open for them while the wife got the other door so that the wheelchair could fit. Act #2 complete.

Now was that so bad? Not so hard and easy to write about.

Did anyone else commit any Acts of Random Kindness? Leave a comment and inspire someone!




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4 11 2007

I was too tired/busy to think of anything this week. Sorry Miss.

4 11 2007

and slowing down to help someone else is something we could all do a little more of. good job.

5 11 2007
5 11 2007

I promise to do this next week! I never got around to linking the button and you know, without the button I can’t do it. Although I had good intentions. And I thought about it on Sunday.

2 03 2010
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