This is hard

5 11 2007

NaBloPoMo blows. What was I thinking? I am having trouble writing and its taking the fun out of things.

There are a lot of people out there telling stories, revealing a little bit each day and I love that idea. But I just don’t think that I have a story to tell.

Thats where you readers come in. Is there anything about me that you are interested in knowing? Request a story, ask a question, challenge my craptastic writing skills.

I’ll do my best to comply.

Thanks to those who participated in ARK Sunday. You two rock. Hopefully we get more next week!!




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5 11 2007

Um, yeah. I had kind of a hard time with ARK Sunday. It’s not that I had trouble performing ARKs, it’s writing about them that was the problem. Maybe I’ll have better luck next week.

I’ve heard that people who do the NaBloPoMo thing often pick a them to write about for the whole month. You could do stuff you are thankful for, letters of the alphabet, childhood memories, something like that.

Good luck!

5 11 2007

Tell us how you met Rura and how you named the blog.

5 11 2007
The Kept Woman

I fear committment so I applaud you for doing this.

Hmmmm, a story? How about the best conert you’ve seen? Doesn’t necessarily have to be the artist, venue, social situations, etc. always feed into how I perceive a musical experience…

6 11 2007

I honestly have no idea how I am doing so well. :/
What did you want for yourself when you were younger? Did you ever see your life the way it is now? How is it different, or the same?

6 11 2007

How about “Things I learned Last Week/Month”, “So-and-so’s Bad Habit that I Secretly Love”, “What I Plan to Wear for Veterans Day”… So many options. You could also find a meme and answer those questions, or expand on one question in particular. Good luck!

6 11 2007

Childhood family vacations? Horrible tales from junior high? First kiss?

I’m not sure that I’m going to make it for NaBloPoMo myself.

I knew I’d forgotten something, I’ll try to remember ARK this week!

6 11 2007

Describe photo # 13 in one of your albums (real album, flickr, photobucket, whatever.)

Go to and youll get a shitload of ideas.

6 11 2007

You could just show us your boobs. I’m just sayin’…

I’m fuggin’ crazy. Don’t listen to me.

6 11 2007
Well damn… « Rura and Miss

[…] 6 11 2007 Ask and you shall receive huh? You guys blow me away, which just goes to show that I am an uncreative […]

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