Well damn…

6 11 2007

Ask and you shall receive huh? You guys blow me away, which just goes to show that I am an uncreative LOSER and you all rock. I got lots of great ideas like the story of me and Rura, traveling when I was a kid, horrible junior high tales (yikes), writing about music (love!), pictures or even the way I thought my life would go. One fuggin’ crazy blogger even asked me to show my boobs. (This isn’t her first request BTW).

So where do I start?

I have done a lot of thinking about it and I do want to touch on a lot of these subjects. I also want to really introduce the three of us sometime this month, that way I can just like to those posts when I write our “About” page. Haha. Lazy people are good at multitasking, leaves more time for doing absolutely nothing.

Today SBJ had ANOTHER dentist appointment. The ex took him to it and I got another excellent report back. Not on his teeth, but how he handled it. I think that he should only have 1 or 2 more appointments to go. He needs the spacer for the tooth they pulled and a cap for the root canal. Do you think I’m kidding when I said he inherited bad teeth? Check this out:

In case you can’t tell or have never seen a dental xray, that nice big dark spot is where they performed the root canal. On my 6 year old. So far he doesn’t fear the dentist which I hope just encourages good hygeine for him later in life. I hate the dentist and always have. He’ll probably hate them if he needs braces which me and his dad wore. I hate the dentist because of this:

If that does not instill fear in even the strong hearted, I dont know what will.

I’m going to get started on some of the drafts for the great suggestions you all left me. Until then…

Dont forget about ARK Sunday! Are you being nice out there?? Tell me about it!




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7 11 2007

Dude, I would not even glance at the dental equipment, much less take a picture of it. You are one sick puppy! (I kid).

7 11 2007

Wow. That tray of torture tools made me want to cry.

7 11 2007

Go watch “Little Shop Of Horrors,” with that crazy dentist, and that even crazier patient who likes the pain. That’s what made me a’scared of the dentist.

13 11 2007
Pobrecito « Rura and Miss

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3 01 2008
Batavia Dentist

Amy, the tray of torture tools you are talking about are the helping tools that can help us solve our dental problems…

your friendly dentist,
Batavia Dentist

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