Because that’s not my job!!

7 11 2007

Jessie challenged me to write about the 13th photo in one of my albums. Every album I had, was a picture I dont like. So to defeat the whole purpose, I’ll write about two pictures that I absolutely love.


I happen to think that kid in that picture is cool. In fact, he rocks. We both do. This picture was taken when I worked nights, and spent my days with SBJ at home. Based on the background, I can figure that this picture was taken after he had turned 3, sometime in July or August. I had just bought a web cam and we were playing around on it.

SBJ was my best friend for a long time. I hung out with him all day, what do you expect? We used to dance to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, watch movies, go to Target, and play games all day. That was before he started talking a lot. Now, he wont be quiet. He is constantly chattering and asking questions ALL. DAY. LONG.

“Mom, why is your tummy getting bigger? Are you having a baby?”

“Mom, how old are you?”

“Mom, who came first in the whole wide world? How did people start?”

“Mom, how do you pee? Why don’t you stand up like me?”

“Mom, mom, mom, MOM, why aren’t you listening to meeeeee?”

and my favorite, which I hear about 10 times a day,

“Mom, can we go to McDonalds?”


Thats us, eating candy that my friend sent us from Texas. She had just sent us a package FULL of goodies and I sent her pictures of us enjoying them.

Remember that “wont stop talking” thing? It also means, “wont get OUT FROM UNDERFOOT!!!!!”

Holy cow, this kid wont leave me alone for two seconds. I have been asked at least 6 times while writing this when I will be done so I can go play video games with him. When he DOES walk away from me for two seconds, he’s standing in front of the TV asking my parents lots and lots of completely random questions, much like the ones I wrote about.

Right now he is bribing me with fake food. He keeps putting them on my lap and they keep sliding off. This is what I am hearing:

“Put on the shower. Put on the shower. Put on the shoowwwwwwweeeerrrr. (No games until he doesn’t smell like a foot.) Mommy, do you like butterflies? Do you? Theres butterflies in our room on the wall. singing And I know how to count, and I dont know how to count.”

He ran away. And jumped on my dad. Then ran back to me. Haha, my mom told him to calm down. Now he is laying on the dog bed. My dad asked him what his problem is. LMAO. He’s acting like a dog.

Dad: “You gotta poop dog? GO OUTSIDE!”
Mom: “Don’t fart any more you stinky dog!” Yea thats because he farted on my mom earlier.

Back on the dog bed.

Back to the talking and sitting next to me barking like a dog. A rabid dog. He wont go get his PJ’s because he said that it wasn’t his job. I would then assume that makes it MY job.

Please tell me that my child is not the only strange one on the planet?

Remember ARK Sundays!! And have fun with it!



5 responses

7 11 2007

Absolutely not. The stories I have of my daughter are incredible! LOL Love the pics!!

8 11 2007

I think it’s definitely a sign of intelligence.

8 11 2007

Curious minds are always a good sign.

8 11 2007

It’s actually really sweet – makes me think you’re really well bonded and so will enjoy a lifelong relationship that’s really close and trusting.

8 11 2007

I think it’s sweet! You guys have a great relationship!

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