In response… (and some more complaining! I mean, opinionating)

9 11 2007

I’m going to go ahead and reply to your comments from yesterday’s post right here. Unconventional? Maybe. But that’s how I roll. And I think we have a good subject going here and since I have to post every day, I thought “why not keep it going”? So yea. Watch me go….

sulz– I have struggled with finding “my way” of responding to commenters. I do like the way you suggested as I saw another blogger doing something similar today (responding by editing their comment with my thoughts). BUT, how many people actually go back to check to see if their comment was responded to? I’m not saying that negatively, I am honestly asking… I still have yet to figure out what I am most comfortable with there.

Readers!! How do you like to be replied to/acknowledged/whatever?

Heather– We would definitely hang. You crack me up. I would make you cook for me.

squishycutegirl – I feel ya. We are on the same page here.

Jessie – I’ve got nothing but love for ya! I actually wasn’t referring to Dooce as I truly enjoy her writing. I think she gets stepped on by far too many bloggers if you want the truth. As far as your paycheck for writing, its all good. You are good to your readers, I know this first hand. No complaints.

Rima– How dare you leave me your honest opinion?? Especially when it does not agree with mine? You are rude indeed my friend. Heh. Actually, I’m glad you did so I can maybe clear something up. I think that paid bloggers (decent money, not the ones that do PPP or make a few bucks off of ads) SHOULD feel obligated. Let me tell you why. I don’t make a red f-ing cent off this blog. I don’t get free shit from it either. But I still want anyone reading to know that I appreciate it. Then again, this blog is not a source of income I rely on. I work an 8 hour a day/40 hour a week job. My blog is not my job. If you rely on your blog as actual INCOME, then your blog is your job. Your readers, they are your customers. If you cant give back to them in some way to show your appreciation, then you shouldn’t be working that job. See what I mean? They pump out a short post about their kid throwing up and we all laugh and they get paid. Then they get to spend the rest of their day doing what we mom’s do best. They are blessed in my opinion but if it were me and my blog was my income, I would be damn sure to at least put in some good time out of my day giving back. Know what I mean jelly bean? I’ll get to your “blogging circle” in a bit.

Z – You are lucky because as far as I have seen, that’s rare. And you are soooo right about the way we women work. We are catty bitches when it comes down to it and we all want to be the best. I at least strive to be better than Amy and you know what? I’m fighting a loosing battle there.

Amy– There you are! Heh. Ignore that little comment… errr….. You know I love you (and your sister’s guest posts, as scared as I am for her). You shouldn’t have offered to let me stalk you. I so will. Your bad my friend, your bad indeed.

Ali – At least you are willing to admit to your problem. That’s the first step to recovery, or so I hear.

Skip– Thanks! Commenting takes practice, that’s for sure. We should hang at your secret beach and talk about it. (STALKER! STALKER! See Amy… run!)

Rima touched on expanding ones blogging circles and, like Amy, I agree with that:

One thing that really bugs me, though, is the sense I get that few “popular” bloggers seem interested in expanding their blogging circle past what they’ve already established ages ago.

You hit the nail on the head. I’m not naming names (hell no, you think I want to knock myself out of that circle before I am even in? You’re crazy) but I have seen one blogger who I LOVE LOVE LOVE! who comments on another blogger who I adore too. I have never ever seen her comments ANYWHERE else. She is one of those 100+ comments bloggers I speak of. It’s like they both sit at the cool kids table in the cafeteria and I can only walk by and WISH they would invite me to sit down.

Ehh…… I can just hear some people reading that and thinking “why does she feel SUCH a need to fit into this group of women??” Its all good. I think that too. But its because I genuinely feel that these women are NOT doing this on purpose. Their writing reflects that they are really good, nice, sweet women who wouldn’t just DO that to be mean.

It’s a double edged sword my friends. Fo sho.

One thing that gets on my nerves DAILY (and with 207 blogs in my reader, I see this more often than I would like) is the bloggers who fight. You know you’ve seen them. I have this to say to those people: GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES! This is the INTERNET. They are words!! Sticks and stones, love*. I mean seriously, what kind of whiney ass person dedicates a whole blog post to someone who may or may not have talked shit about them on their blog? And what kind of person talks shit about another blogger on their blog? I mean, good lord, we aren’t in freaking high school (says the person who just referred to the cool kids table in the caf). And really, if someone said something rude about me on their blog, good for them. What the hell am I gonna do about it? Complaining about people who wrong you IRL on your blog is one thing, one totally normal thing that we all do. Well some people don’t, but I do. But honestly, I think deep down, people do that shit for attention because most of their readers have no clue what they are talking about and lets not kid ourselves, everyone wants to be in on the secret. My opinion?? If you are gonna go ahead and get yourself into a blog war, and you are going to call out someone on your blog, GIVE ME DETAILS. GIVE ME LINKS. Give me all, or nothing at all. Because me? I loves me some drama. Ha.

Oh I could so keep going… so many more things I could touch on. But not today. Because its Friday. So I leave you with this:

Courtesy of Amy, who just wanted to cheer me up!


*If anyone can tell me what movie that is from, we can be best friends. And not have blog wars. K. Bye.




7 responses

9 11 2007

well, my logic is that before a first time commenter leaves a comment, he or she would have read a few posts on my blog. they’d have read the comments too, and notice the way i respond to comments. therefore, when they comment, they would know to check back to see my reply. besides, most people who comment on my blog have a wordpress account, so it’s easily trackable through the ‘my comments’ feature in dashboard. if they don’t have an account, unless they’re just dropping by, they’d probably check back in a few days because i update my blog frequently. 🙂

9 11 2007

Holy crap, now I feel all nekkid, what with you quoting my comment from yesterday! I’ll get over it, though.

It seems you’ve touched on a very sensitive subject here, Missy. I so hear you about the blogger chick wars. The last thing I want to read about is some inside joke or battle two people I don’t even know are waging on the internet.

And because I just lurve playing devil’s advocate, I’m still not sure it’s fair to compare bloggers who support themselves with their blogs to other paid professionals. If I had a syndicated newspaper column that was read by thousands of people every day and I made my living off of it, it probably wouldn’t be feasible for me to read ever thing that every reader sent my way for review and then provide insightful commentary, right? Of course, I could have my people send a formulaic response, but that would be lame and insincere. So I imagine that would be really hard for a blogger to sincerely to every comment, especially if they are working from home and raising a family. Just sayin.’

Very interesting posts today and yesterday, Miss!

9 11 2007

One thing to note about responding to commenters by editing their original comment is that method will often thwart the tools some people use to track comments. Third-party subscription services like co.mments and coComment may not catch the updates, and solutions like Subscribe To Comments for WordPress won’t send e-mail when a comment is edited.

9 11 2007

I always knew you had a blogger-girl crush on me. You proved it by mentioning me FIVE times in your post. Obsess much? Damn. Now tell me I’m pretty.

I LOVE LOLCATS! Teh gratist thingz evah!

9 11 2007

Captain Jack in Pirates of the Carribean, baby!

10 11 2007

You make some great points. I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about some of these issues….but stupid blog wars–yuck. I just can’t go back to high school. And it makes me realize that maybe I’m not the social person that can drum up readers by playing the game (in addition to the fact that some of my content just isn’t that “happy”). I guess we all have to figure out why we’re in it…

13 11 2007

You have smaht readahs. I’m late responding to this. And my feed reader is getting OOC from adding all these cool blogs. After I leave a comment, I never go back and check to see if the writer responded. I usually try to leave one at their site, but I’ve never quite figured out how to deal if its something I’d like to talk about some more. And I only read comments for a few select sites or if I’m going to leave one, I look to see what other people are talking about. If I read all these blogs and all the comments I would never leave my house.

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