ARK Sunday Week 2

11 11 2007

Welcome to week 2!!

This week was kinda bland for me. As you could tell from my last post and the lack of pictures, I didn’t do much. There weren’t a whole lot of ARK opportunities presented to me to be honest. But here goes.

Act #1 – Yesterday was my day to get SBJ after his soccer game. I went to the game (they won, now on to the semi-finals) and as we were on our way to the car, he just looked up at me with those big brown eyes and mentioned that his cousins were going to his grandpa’s house. I could tell he wanted to go, that booger. Rura was busy all day with his post and my parents were out of town so it would have been just us all day. I knew he would have eventually gotten bored with just mom all day so I let him go with his cousins. To me, this is an ARK because I could have been the mean mom and made him go with me but I knew that he would have a better time with his cousins anyways. Some may not see that as an ARK, but I do. Any way that I can practice at being a better mommy, I’ll do it.

Thats all I have for you guys today. I hope that some more of you out there are practicing ARKs, even if you aren’t writing about it!




5 responses

11 11 2007

Ooh congrats on semi finals, and good luck!! I see it as an ARK, I have a hard time being flexible with my kiddos sometimes. :/ I have an ARK to share this week too;

12 11 2007
13 11 2007

That was a good one. Rima said it – it feels weird writing about it for me, as if writing it somehow negates doing it. I’ll still try though. =)

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