Ordinary Day

12 11 2007


Just a day, just an ordinary day. Just trying to get by.

When I met him, it was like any other day. Much like today in fact. Nothing special going on, no indication that upon meeting him, my life would change.

Two years ago today, he took a chance.

Just a boy, just an ordinary boy.

Two years ago today, he kissed me. That kiss changed my entire world.


He said, take my hand, live while you can.

He showed me how to live. How to feel alive. I never thought that I could feel so safe, so loved, and so wanted in the arms of one person.

I still can’t believe that its been two years. Being with Rura has been the easiest thing I have ever had to do. Yes, we fight. We scream and yell. But underneath it all, we are very easily in love with one another.

We always have been.


Two years baby. It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to what we have planned. Thank you for being you, for always being you. Thank you for helping me find me, buried beneath all that mess. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I’m glad you haven’t walked away, as much as I’m sure you’ve wanted to. Thank you for loving him too.

How about we sign up for two more? Or maybe 10? What about 20? 60? Forever?




11 responses

12 11 2007

That was the best damn thing I’ve ever read here.

12 11 2007

And before I got all trigger-happy with the mouse, I was going to say…

Happy Anniversary!

I really like those pics, too!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments…

12 11 2007

Awesome post, awesome pics, awesome man! I’m so glad you found him. That being with him is the easiest thing you’ve had to do speaks volumes for your relationship. Sounds like a winner to me!

12 11 2007

Oh my you guys are too cute. congrats. beautiful post, btw.

12 11 2007

“very easily in love with one another”

beautiful. perfect. congrats!

12 11 2007

Oh gross love smush! LOL!! Happy anniversary, and many, many more!!!! That was a wonderful post to read. *sniff, sniff*

13 11 2007

you guys are kind of ridiculously adorable 🙂

13 11 2007

You both look so happy in every picture I’ve seen of the two of you. And great writing.

13 11 2007

Awesome. Just awesome. Great pictures!

14 11 2007

That is adorable. Congratulations.

14 11 2007

So very sweet – much happiness to both of you!

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