13 11 2007

Remember this?


My poor SBJ went back to the dentist today because apparently the root canal didn’t work. Don’t ask me about how, I really have no idea. The dentist warned me that it might not, so now they had to pull the tooth. My son has had half the number of teeth pulled as I have. His dentist said that this was it, this was the last of the work he needs done. All that’s left is the cosmetic things, such as making spacers to fill the two holes that used to have teeth in them. This is just to prevent crowding once his teeth start shifting and falling out and all that crap.

I feel so awful, like this is partly my fault. I guess now he has to become the tooth brushing king.

Speaking of teeth, mine have been aching something fierce and because of that, my anniversary night went down the tubes. I had a horrible headache all night and on to today and it finally ended about 11:30 this morning. I didn’t even get to enjoy my anniversary sex!!! I can’t make up for it today either because Rura has a ride along so I guess I’ll be flying solo. Ummm…….. not like that. Well maybe not. Maybe yes. Ha.

My night will be oh so exciting though because I am going to watch more Heroes. And eat whatever I want. In bed. By myself. Are you jealous yet? I wouldn’t really be… so yea.

Did I mention I got flowers last night? Oooh half a dozen roses. They are gorgeous. I’m debating about posting a pic now, or wait until Saturday. So that way I actually have something to put up. Ehhh… I don’t know.

Can someone please tell me how “show your boobs for veterans day” actually got someone to this blog? Do I write posts in my sleep about boobs and veterans and I just don’t know it? 

Most likely.




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13 11 2007

Seriously, consider your teeth as part of your health. I hate the dental stuff too but you dont want your kid to be in the pain that youre in now, so teach him good habits while hes still little.

This has been a PSA from Davidsdoll.com

13 11 2007

Watching TV and eating in bed sounds good to me! I have never seen even one full episode of Heroes, can you believe that? And it’s all anyone is talking about these days. Is it really that good? Maybe I need to rent the first season. Oh, and the blow drier is by Revlon 😉

13 11 2007

Thanks for your comments to my parent-self-bashing post. You are right. That was a stupid article. Why don’t THEY ever let us feel like we’re doing enough? Why do THEY have to keep bringing the guilt?

(Replace the “they” with “I” and then I’ll be on to something!)

We got caught up on a month’s worth of Hero’s last week. I love Mahinder. Sexay. Or I’m weird. Whatever.

I just got sitemeter…so now I have a whole new world of obsessiself-hatred to explore. 🙂

But already, someone found my blog searching for “big bubs.” hee! Can’t you just picture some 8-year-old googling for it!

13 11 2007

what happened up there to the “ive” on obsessive?

13 11 2007

Poor kid. I hate the thought of dental work. And I am also hooked on Heroes but am 3 weeks behind on watching it. Peter looks kinda hot this year doesn’t he?

14 11 2007
The Kept Woman

Wait, we’re flashing to support the Veterans now?

That’s a great idea…I’m sure there are many folks who would love and appreciate that!!!

14 11 2007

“Pobrecito” indeed!

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