A slight retraction?

14 11 2007

I’m still ass deep in Heroes and that shit is getting GOOOOOOD.

I think I’m just about beating a dead horse here, but I wanted to talk about the whole commenting/paid blogger thing.

I guess I’ve just been thinking more about it and reading your comments about it and here’s what I think. I don’t think any of us get into blogging for the money. We blog because we feel we have something to say, something to contribute. We write because we want to be heard, by anyone. Sometimes, our voices get out there. Sometimes they dont. I truely believe that if someone is being offered money to write, then they’ve got something other’s do not. Thats obvious. Hello, book/magazine/newspaper industry. But with blogs, its like a whole new world. But in reality, its not. A blog allows everyone an outlet. Any idiot with a computer can start a blog and put something in it. But that doesn’t mean that people will read.

I love blogs. I love the whole concept. Because I am a reader. I am a visual reader. When you write something and I read it, I see it in my head. I see it how you describe it and I can visualize what is happening. Reading is one of my great loves. The very first blog I read, that truely felt like I was reading talent, was Dooce. Heather is a wonderful writer. She paints such a picture with her words and its hard for me to describe, but its there. She gets a shitty wrap because she does get paid to write. I still read, and I will continue to read. Because she is real. She is out there. For me, blogs make the writer really human. When I read a fiction novel, I dont visualize the writer. I visualize the characters they are writing. This is where I get the theory that bloggers paid to write should be able to connect with their readers on a more personal level.

And that is where I was wrong. (Read it again, I was wrong. You might want to bookmark this because you ain’t never hearing it again.) The thing is, these bloggers with huge fanbases just can’t touch their readers back. Because there are far too many. But I would not doubt for a second that if I, for some cosmic reason, ran into Dooce on the street and I recognized her, I think she would take a minute and say thanks for reading. Which is all we really want right? Sure, if that time comes, I will make a huge ass out of myself, but thats just me. I’m sure if I ever met any of my readers, or the writers of the blogs I love, I would do the same (right Jessie?)

So I guess thats that. For now anyways. From where I stand, I would be open to meeting any of the blog authors that I read. I would be open to meeting the bloggers who read me and who come here again and again to read the crap I throw out into the blogosphere. I’m especially open to a reader, upon recognizing me on the street, to stop and say hello because I know that I WILL thank you for reading. Then I will taze the shit out of you. But I will keep reading your blogs!!

Please don’t be scared of me… It was a joke. Maybe. Guess we’ll find out… heh…



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15 11 2007

Does this mean I win???


Just kidding, Miss. Good post, and good job articulating why we like to read blogs.

15 11 2007

“Any idiot with a computer can start a blog and put something in it. But that doesn’t mean that people will read.”

Thank you for solving this mystery! I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t have to beat the readers off with a stick, and duh… It’s because I’m any idiot with a computer!

16 11 2007

Another any idiot with a computer here.

We may be taking a family vacation to CAL-I-FOR-NI-AY in January. Wanna make out when I get there?

20 11 2007

To tell you the truth, at those BlogHer conferences, Dooce stays in her little clique and rolls her eyes when people want to come talk to her. Im not here to badmouth, but you are right that it’s hard to get comments and such from so many thousands of people, so in a way she’s probably just and stalked and annoyed as celebrities are. When you get that big, you tend to lose base with people. Its just something that happens as all. I love being a smallish blogger for that reason.

20 11 2007
Type (little) a

I don’t get paid to blog, but I don’t respond to every comment. Usually because I try not to comment if I have nothing to add.

There;s a paid blogger who does respond (by email) to every single comment, and I like it, but now that I know she responds to everybody, I feel less special….

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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