Secret Op

16 11 2007

The tooth fairy is coming tonight. Wanna take odds on “the tooth fairy” forgetting to replace the tooth with money?

I’m tired. I had a mango smoothy for dinner and then some ice cream. I fell asleep for a few minutes watching Heroes and I have to get up early to take Rura to a soccer game. Saturday and I can’t even sleep in. Good times.

NaBloPoMo sucks….. hard.

Here. Us being stupid. It’s all I got tonight.

We are a special few.





5 responses

17 11 2007

Holy crap, that was scary.

17 11 2007

I like the conehead pic. And mango smoothies with ice cream for dinner.

17 11 2007


Someday I’ll tell you about the time that I forgot the tooth in the glass of water on the windowsill for three nights in a row. So then Z would be so disappointed every morning, when he realized we had forgotten to put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy didn’t know where to find it. Finally, on the fourth morning (after forgetting AGAIN the night before), I emptied the jar, put some money in there and feigned suprise and awe that the toothfairy came through and found the tooth on her own.

17 11 2007

Hahaha!! I’m having a hell of time with nablopomo too… I’m losing steam. :/ I’ll probably end up not updating all December after this.

17 11 2007

Sometimes the tooth fairy “forgets” to visit the child’s room at our house and “makes the mistake” of leaving the money under the parent’s pillow – hey, we parents value all the sleep we can get!

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