ARK Sunday Week 3

18 11 2007


Welcome to Week 3 of ARK Sundays.

The word is that some people are committing ARK’s but feel that writing about them takes away from the act itself. I get that. I totally get that. I can’t tell anyone what to do, but I cant tell you what I think. To me, doing ARK’s should come totally naturally. But it doesn’t. To me anyways. When I do something good and I write about it, I feel like I am only showing anyone reading that it IS something simple, that it IS something that everyone can do. I dont know, hopefully even if you aren’t writing about it, you are doing them.

Here we go…

Act 1 – Is not my act this week. i’m going to give this one to Rura. All week I have been having headaches on and off. I dont know why, but they kill me. Today, when Rura came over, we hung out with my parents (WE. ARE. COOL.) and watched Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13. Once we were done, we went to lay down and he gave me a really nice massage. Of course it comes with asking for sex, but thats ok. He’ll get it. (Which BTW, writing this is wasting his time for lovin’ so he says) Men.

Hopefully more of you will write about your ARK’s this week and if not, thats ok too!




4 responses

19 11 2007

Totally forgot about it this week. I’m so embarrassed by my idiotic, easy-out post yesterday! aaaahhh!

It was like, on my radar until, like, Wednesday. Then somehow it just fell off. Into outerspace.

On the bright side, I think I just discovered what is wrong with our society. Follow the clues of my absent-minded soul.

19 11 2007

Oh, and headaches…muscle tension or hormones? (Mine can usualy be attributed to the latter…I know to blame them when pain meds don’t work.)

Sex does help headaches though. I’ve been told. Repeatedly.

19 11 2007

I’m lazy. I keep meaning to do this, but then in my selfish bitchiness, I forget. I don’t do shit for other people. No wonder I live such a miserable existence. Oh, but wooo hooo! I have one for next Sunday! I volunteered to help with barn chores on Thanksgiving morning. I think it’s gonna kick my ass.

19 11 2007

I couldn’t think of an ARK this week. 😥

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