Saturday Photoblog 2 (On a Monday)

19 11 2007

Better late than never right?

Here is our week in pictures. Saturday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 16 2007

Sat. 11/10
I went from this:

oooh straight all around…

To this:

Dont ask about that face I’m making. Oh yea, layers too.

Mon. 11/12

My very purdy flowers

Our very blurry anniversary pic… I started feeling crappy soon after…

Thurs. 11/15
Around the house…

When he was a baby, he used to always sleep with his hands thrown over his head. Guess some habits die hard.

Thats my pretty baby girl.

You know we are dorks.

Fo Sho

Here’s a bonus pic for you!
Assaulting an officer??

Quit resisting!



7 responses

20 11 2007

Cuh-yoot. You both have gorgeous lips and will make gorgeous bay-bays.

20 11 2007

Stop it you three, you’re all too cute. Nice haircut!

20 11 2007

Niiice. Berry, berry niiiice.

20 11 2007

you have awesome hair! i love it!

20 11 2007

Lovely hair. Awesome pics!

20 11 2007
The Kept Woman

The resisting shot cracks me up!!!

Love the do and your eyes are very striking!!!!

9 02 2008

Great pics! Makes me wanna do more like these with my bride!

“Sinatra Junkie”
From the weekend blog hoppers

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