So little time!

20 11 2007

Since I spend all my time reading blogs working, I am running out of time to post. Well why dont you blog when you get home? Because I have to pack for our trip to San Francisco that we are leaving for tomorrow.

3 days in my favorite city, with my favorite guys, what could be better? Oh yea! Not cooking, not cleaning, and not having to worry about anything for 3 days!! In my favorite place in the world!!

Dont hate. Appreciate.




7 responses

20 11 2007

Have fun!

20 11 2007

Oooo, I luurve San Francisco! You totally deserve the mini vacation. I hope you have a blast!

20 11 2007

I aint haitin. Hey, bring me back something good.

21 11 2007

Safe travels and have a blast!

21 11 2007

Leaving So Cal? You might actually have to bring a coat, brrrr. Have fun!

21 11 2007
The Kept Woman

(pretends to not be insanely jealous)

Like have a good time and stuff…(whispers…I hope your suitcase falls off the Golden Gate Bridge…) no really, have a lovely time…just think of us here in the crappy snowy Midwest.

21 11 2007

No hating here! Enjoy yourself!! 🙂

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