On the road…

21 11 2007

I journaled our treck up to San Fran. Here we go…

1:35 pm – We leave the house. Gotta make a stop at Blockbuster to return SBJ’s Spiderman 3 video game. I hate late fees. We are all hungry. SBJ is already playing games.

2:10 – We just left In N Out. 6 burgers, 2 fries, 3 drinks later, we are on the road.

2:20 – Food’s gone. We are in traffic, trying to get on the 210 West. The boys are playing Mario Party on the Nintendo DS. My dad is still hungry. I have to pee a little. Shhhh….

2:40 – Open road.

3:45 – I just finished reading for a bit. Yea, I’m a car reader. Rura looks bored. SBJ is still playing games.

4:00 – I’m reading again. SBJ is watching Spiderman 3 on the DVD player. Rura’s listening to his Ipod.

4:20 – Finished my book, The Slow Moon. “Wipe Out” just came on the radio. Me and Rura look at each other and are thinking the same thing, SANDLOT. Everything around us is flat and there are a lot of cows.

4:45 – First potty break right outside of a town called Buttonwillow. I’m reading about Britney and her tragic childhood. Stole some kisses at the rest stop.

5:30 – How is it only 5:30??! It’s dark and I can’t read anymore. I tried watching a movie, but I cant hear it. Rura and SBJ have the head phones. I asked Rura to bring the 3 pairs that he had at his house and he did. But he packed them in his bag. His bag that is in the back of the car. Buried under all of our stuff. He has no concept of what a carry on is. I am using my phone to write.

6:10 – San Francisco, 158 miles.

7:00 – Stopped to eat at Anderson’s for Pea Soup. Rura says the soup looks like boogers.

7:50 – Done with dinner. We’re getting gas. We are going to try and watch Knocked Up on the DVD player. 138 miles to San Francisco.

From 8:00 – 9:15 is a total blur. All I know is that SBJ’s game boy died, Rura’s Ipod died, and I am starting to get major butt cramps. SBJ finally falls asleep.

9:30 – We arrive and cross into San Francisco via the Bay Bridge.

10:00 – Finally reach our hotel. They have the slowest WI-FI E.V.E.R. Rura is rolling his eyes that I immediately sat down to blog. Guess he doesn’t understand the peer pressure of NaBloPoMo. Maybe if he read once in awhile, he would totally get it.

Gotta get this kid to bed because he is crawling around Meowing like a cat and looking for food.

Guess what I just got??? The earphones I totally needed on the way up here!! Better late than never I guess.

Hope everyone sleeps well and has a sane Thanksgiving morning!!



2 responses

23 11 2007

Me + Reading + moving vehicle = headache, nausea and general body ickiness. I don’t know why. You’re lucky you can do that.

Thanks for the travel log.

And PS. I agree with Rura. Pea soup does look like boogers.

23 11 2007

I love Anderson’s! We always stop there. Hope you had fun!

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