Rubbing our eyes

23 11 2007

We are tired. We have walked and sightseen most of what there is to see around here. My legs hurt all over. Right now we are watching TV and SBJ is writing letters to Santa. So far he has asked for a bike, a scooter, and a toy ship.

Tomorrow we go home but I think we are going to stop and see the USS Hornet. My dad told me today that my grandpa was stationed on it. I hope we get a chance to see it.

When I was typing the name of the ship, I accidently typed horney. Can you tell whats on my mind? Vacationing with parents does have its downside.

Tomorrow, back home.




2 responses

24 11 2007

Dear Santa,

I would like a new car, a new house, a Canon digital Rebel XTi, Adobe Photoshop, a lap top, and a tapeworm.


Love, Amy

26 11 2007

ooo, ooo, I want a tapeworm, too!

I admire SBJ’s restraint – the display of greed within my kids’ letters to Santa that have been written for at least a month now is embarrassing.

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