25 11 2007

I hate coming home from a vacation because it seems like I need another day to rest. I did laundry and washed a couple of crayons that SBJ had in his pocket. Please tell me that it will come out of my 3 pairs of work pants that now are colored with blue and red spots.

No ARK Sundays today. I was too selfish enjoying my vacation to do anything kind for anyone else.

Rura wanted me to let you know that the soccer team he coaches won their tournament today. He also wanted me to mention that he doesn’t know what ARK Sunday’s are. Can you tell who’s reading? Can you also tell who ISN’T getting laid tonight?




3 responses

26 11 2007

Yeah can we have the monday off too? So we don’t have spend Sunday getting ready for the week and we can actually have fun?

26 11 2007

I keep forgetting about this ARK Sunday business. I’ll blame old age.

26 11 2007

so what if i dont know what ark sundays are. you dont know what a 211 is anyway! 🙂

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